Don't Say No! next WP - episodes 10 + Friday May 27, 6 PM (9 Eastern)


Watch Party for Don’t Say No! Fri & Sat, 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern)

Don’t Say No! is finally here, this is one of my all time favorite Thai BLs come join the fun and likely a lively chat.

For anyone who’s interested in Leo & Fiat’s story before DSN but don’t want to watch TT2, there is a special episode that’s the Leo & Fiat parts of TT2, it’s about 1 hour


Link for Saturday, Episodes 4, 5 & maybe 6 tonight…



I’m sorry, I can’t join the watch party (because of the time difference). It’s so fun to watch together, but I don’t mind watching the show alone, without distractions, so I can follow the story better. I’ve finished watching episde 8 (and wow, we are getting to know the family more and more and… well, you just have to watch and see for yourself.)

I think I like the character of Pobphan most so far in this series, I don’t know why, perhaps because even though he looks like an introvert, he seems smart, knows what he wants and can be slightly playfull even. I find it refreshing to see between the characters we usually see or something.

More to look forward to:
MDL mentions two spin-offs :slight_smile: :
Past Love in the Future & Just Say Yes


It’s always a challenge to find a time that works for the most people, those darn time zones, lol
I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it, it’s one of my favorites, I watched it almost non-stop in December knowing that Line TV was shutting down, and it’d be harder to find, so having it show up on Viki is great.


Friday May 20 - WP Link


Don’t Say NO

Sorry I didn’t know where to put it

Ok we decided to wait until tomorrow we lost everyone
9pm Tomorrow for Eps 8


Don’t Say No Eps 8

Tonight 9 pm


Friday May 27th WP Link - Don’t Say No