Drama Burnout? Do You Need Help?

Does this sound familiar: Why can’t I find a good drama? This is boring! The first 3 episodes were so good! Why am I still watching this? But he’s so cute, why am I bored? I knew that was gonna happen! Do I not like k dramas anymore?? Am I changing? What’s going on!

I’ve talked to other drama addicts and I know I’m not the only who has experienced this. Maybe you have, too: you search for something new but now you have a hard time enjoying the story or even finishing it! And this happens more than a few times before you find that one awesome drama again.

So, then: Do we addicts need a rest period at some point? What is the difference between a boring/NG drama with a poor story/character and burn out?


I know exactly what you mean! Lots of experienced K-Drama fans feel the same way…I think that after a few years of seeing the same plots unfold over and over, we’re just not impressed by the same things that used to make us laugh or cry before. With that said, I think it’s still possible to get hooked on a newer drama!

A rest period or even a switch of genre might be a good idea if you’re feeling burnt out ^^ Personally, I went over to watch some darker American dramas like Breaking Bad for a few days, and before I knew it I was hungry for the humor and light-hearted romance of K-Dramas again!

One other point that came to mind – it’s possible that our tastes are getting farther from what new K-Pop fans abroad like, and closer to what Koreans in Korea like. So you should check out which on-air dramas are killing it in the ratings every week and give those a try; they might not have the hottest idol stars but they may have a unique plot or excellent writing.


I believe there is an ebb and flow to kdramas. Sometimes they are going to be better than other times. The really good ones aren’t as common as they should be so it’s not uncommon to run into frustrating story lines. At times kdrama creators are guilty of giving us too much drama without a balance of victory. We watch the hardships because we want to cheer when the protagonist overcomes. The road to a happy ending can be bumpy as heck and as simple as it seems to the viewer, it’s clear, not all writers of romance, even considering what is subjective, REALLY know the viewers heart. Having said that I DO recommend taking a drama break once in a while. Every good meal begins with hunger. Happy viewing to all of my fellow romantic fools.

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I know what you mean! Well what I usually do is do watch j-dramas because they tend to be unique and different (in my opinion) and it always serves as a good break. if not i just start watching taiwanese or hong kong dramas, just something to change the feel :slight_smile:

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I have this a lot and now I became a little more picky and drop a drama much faster then I did in the past. And sometimes I save a drama for later because at the moment it does air I already saw enough of those. Like every once in a while they have a theme like time travelling last year. All of a sudden we had Rooftop Prince, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Faith, Dr. Jin and maybe I forgot a few. It was getting really annoying that I was like come on think of something new!

Right now I have a bit enough of those lovey dovey, family drama with evil mother in law/crazy wife whatever. So I prefer melodrama.

But I must say with Kdrama it isn’t that bad as it is with anime, I used to watch anime a lot but now I haven’t in years because I’m like “nah I already saw something like that before… boring” for most series.

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It’s always easy to find a mediocre drama to watch. They are a dime a dozen. But it’s hard to find an AMAZING drama to watch. I suggest you check out past dramas that have good reviews. You don’t always have to watch currently airing or recent kdramas. Also, I suggest you try out dramas from other countries. There are a lot of good Taiwanese, Japanese, and Chinese dramas too!

Thumbs up for jdramas and tw-dramas! There are also some good HK dramas although the more recent ones are just average.

I drop dramas a lot sooner than I used to as well. I would hate watch a drama till it was half way through and would finish it anyway. Then I would go up to 6 or 7 episodes. Now I feel I can “taste” a drama well enough with3 -5 episodes.

I did felt hires is a little bet like boys over flowers with the rich hot guy and the poor Innocent girl so i stopped watching it after the ep 3 ( maybe if i kept watching i would like it )

and i skip alot especially in Miss korea

and there is those drama when the main character never convince me, there acting not real at all

and i don’t think we are picky but these drama are not good enough for me at least
because when i watch again the drama i liked i just enjoy it as if am watching it for the first time

Oh gosh, I’m going through this right now and I do believe its a phenom with a lot of seasoned kdrama watchers lol I think its a combinations of having seen a lot of the same plot lines and having little patience with bad dramas. I do know, I drop drama’s farrrrr too quickly because I just can’t stand it anymore. If I’m not hooked right away, I become rather bored. It’s a frustrating period, I think I need a break lol

I feel your pain. That last drama that hooked me was that winter the wind blows. I’m watching the suspicious house maid which has a great story and cast, just some parts of the episodes are slow

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I didn’t start liking Heirs that much until episode 10. I know, I have great patience. It was the cast that kept me watching, really. The first…6 episodes are pretty lame. I don’t blame you for dropping at ep 3 lol. It’s not the greatest story. I just like Park Shin Hye and the drummer from CNBLUE.

try watching secret. i was like you but secret gave me a rage in emotion but i loved that drama.