Drama Characters You See Yourself In

so which characters do you watch and think “AAH that is SO me!” and that’s what makes you sit through all those hours?
Ones I can think of rn:
Woo Do Hee from Dinner Mate: her zest for life and her entire character were SO relatable.

Zheng Xiao En from Lost Romance: the situations she got herself into and the way she handled them had me fearing for my own future :joy: (she changes towards the end though so i was kinda disappointed)

Kang Dong Joo from Dr. Romantic: his temper, his wish for justice and just the way he handled situations made me think I was watching a soul brother

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Oh, that is hard to say …
Kim Sam Soon - maybe not the way I am right now, more how I was at her age. I loved how she appreciated all the different cakes, I was a lot into baking, not that I made it a career, because it really is one of the lowest paid jobs out there and my height came into play all the tables would have needed to be adjusted, most patissiers in my town are at least a head shorter than me, don’t ask me why … Plus she was pretty open-minded to strangers, her conversation with Henry is legendary, she talking French and him making big eyes and smiling back.

I am sure there are more, but right now I can’t think of any …