Drama : Immortal Samsara - 沉香如屑 (2022)


Who cares if they were insincere in a livestream? They have such busy schedules and their acting in Immortal Samsara was totally sincere. They’re so cute together!


:100:%! I so agree!


Amazing! I’m in love! Fantasy are my favorites!


How to forget the Imperial Lord in Eternal Love of Dream - The story of Fox and the Imperial Lord


It’s hard to forget. :sob:


What did ppl want them to do? Fan service? Then they’ll complain about how fake that looks as well.

They’re already so busy but agree to greet fans through a live. Fans really think it’s okay to criticize every little thing they do and say.


The producers are to blame. They just shouldn’t try so hard to promote a drama.That could endup to destroying someone’s fantasy.



I would rather actors or actresses focus on their acting than a live stream. The ML and FL had done their best for Immortal Samsara. That is all I asked for.