Drama like Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss?

I recently finished watching Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, the Japanese version of Playful Kiss, and I loved it so much. Does anyone know of any other cute, light, high school romance dramas like this?

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I liked a lot Boys Before Flowers. Actually, my first k-drama I watched was Playful Kiss. I found it after watching the Anime and I got curious. Then i found that Boys before Flowers was an anime adaptation as well and I that was the second K. D. I watched.

maybe you can list all the ones like this that you have watched already, and ill give you the ones you haven’t seen (well i havent seen that many taiwanese or japanese ones, but i can share with you all of the korean dramas that i have watched with this theme,because i LOVE the theme of fluffy highschool romances too! and also hi my sweetheart is a good highschool/college romance too x) )

btw, if you havent already, i like the korean playful kiss you should watch it too.

I liked:

Nobuta Wo Produce
Hanazakiri No Kimitachi E
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Hy my sweetheart (college not high school but still cute)
Yamada Kun & the 7 witches (A little bit of yaoi and yuri in, but is not gross thank God)
And last, It started with a Kiss (taiwanese version of Mischievous Kiss and Playful Kiss, from 2005)

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High school love on
to the beautiful you (korean version)
princess hours
Replay 1997
Shut up flower boy band
and many more I forget. I am very picky with dramas. Am sure u saw most of them. Hope it helped u! :slight_smile:

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Hey there!!!

I have quite a lot to recommend…ready: Secret ( this is my ALL TIME favourite), Secret Garden, Playful Kiss, Kill Me, Heal Me, Shine or Go Crazy (just start watching), You Who Came from Another Star, Coffee Prince, Queen In-hyun’s Man, I Hear Your Voice, Monstar, High School on Love, To the Beautiful You, You are Beautiful, Faith (could NOT get into it), Personal Taste (did not finish…don’t think I will), Hyde, Jekyll, Me, My Name Is Kim Sam-soon, City Hunter, Heirs, Boys Over Flower, Man from Nowhere (movie but woo baby the guy is HOT!!!), Fated to Love You, Commitment (another HOTTIE),A Company Man (movie…the guys in this is sexy too hehehe), Master’s Sun, Baby and Me,Heartstrings (did not like so much), Marry Him If You Dare (did not like so much but it had my favourite actress (Yoon Eun-hye) in there so I watched it), Princess Hours, My Fair Lady,Lie To Me (lead guy…not so much…meh), Missing You ( did not finish), My Black Mini Dress (meh), Ninja Assassin (Rain, what more can I say…hehehe),Full House,Inspiring Generation, Don’t Hesitate (this one is long)…What more??? Left me know. As you can seen I am addict…MUST WATCH K-DRAMA!!! Can you recommend some to me???

Hi ,

These are some of my favourites, you should check .
Playful kiss
just you
office girls
it started with a kiss
they kiss again
kiss me
Mischievous kiss 1 and 2
full house
full house take two
1% of anything
marriage not dating
you’re beautiful
smiling pasta
love around
boys over flowers
faithed to love you both version
momo love
panda and hedgehog
fall in love with me
to get her
devil beside me
why why love

If these are not in English or not on VIKI you can watch it with English sub titles on dramanice or dramafever.

I usually only watched K Dramas because I’m Korean and I’m used to watching them, but after Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, i watched one, another J Drama, called Good Morning Call.

List of Korean Dramas I recommend:

School 2015
School 2017
Hello, my twenties (has some inappropriate scenes but is about college students living together)
Kill me, Heal me
She was pretty
Fight my way
Secret Garden
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
High School love on
I watched too much to remember!1!1!

Oh my goodness!!! Secret is my ALL TIME favorite drama as well!!! I love it so much, I was obsessed with it!

Have you watched LDK