Drama : Love And Redemption (2020)


Hi Everyone ! :slight_smile:

The broadcast of the drama with Cheng Yi “Love and Redemption (2020)” is finished now :grin: please request the drama here : in order to obtain the license to be able to watch it on viki :pray:t3:

**Unlicensed page ** :

I hope we can see it soon ! :crossed_fingers:t3: :slight_smile:


Zhang Yu Xi, yes I’m on board!!


News Flash! Coming Soon to Viki.

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Yesss ! :star_struck: Finally, we made it guys :clap:t4::tada::blush: @aznative @rairaijung @yinks @ladyfuyao @sonmachinima


Just based on a couple of songs I’ve heard on Youtube, I’m already looking forward to this show. :+1::slightly_smiling_face::tada: