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this drama is about past life and present life of two sisters princess

involved persons
YOUNG PRINCESS the young sister re-born in actual time - she works as a new actress, she has an antic medallion that protects her from black magic
PRINCE the main man actor, prince in past life,he is a known and loved actor
XXXXXX the main actress is a bad person, she wants to ‘‘catch’’ the main actor
GHOST ELDER SISTER the older sister is at beginning of the movie a ghost, very powerful, who still practices black magic, she died in prison
FRIEND1 he a doctor and is PRINCE best friend
FRIEND2 he is a gambler, looser, always creating problems, but he inherits a fortune and an old village, that was the kingdom of the two princess in the past

scenes from the past
-the two princess are very lovely and nice and they love each other … till a prince arrives
-the prince fall in love with the young princess and she loves him back
-secretly the older princess falls also in love with the prince and she learns black magic to separate the two lovers
-when her father the king find out, will close her in the prison till death
-the older sister will die in a short time in prison, leaving behind a guitar with the strings made by her own hair, so she will have a connection and come back as ghost

scenes from present
-in the old village a carriage and horse of fire shows from nowhere. the old lady owner dies. the only nephew will inherit the fortune - FRIEND2
-a filming crew is looking for a location for a historical drama
-FRIEND2 will offer PRINCE to film the drama on his new property
-when the filming crew will arrive at the old village, an old servant will give to all people white laces to protect them from the ghost
-THE GHOST ELDER SISTER, creates problems - kills with magic the villain who looks for hidden treasure, crows attack the rooms of filming crew , the main actress XXXXX has an incident and becomes possessed but she is saved by the YOUNG PRINCESS medallion, the PRINCE gets daily under the spell of black magic music, she helps with her black magic her teacher to reborn, the FRIEND2 is also under her magic, her teacher will also help her to reborn by using the heart of the actress XXXXX as sacrifice of blood,…
-final scene-FRIEND2 will burn the palace of the ELDER PRINCESS GHOST and her guitar so her soul will not be able to become a ghost again and go rest in peace.
-PRINCE and YOUNG PRINCESS go away together … while the palace is burning