Drama playing on Viki and Netflix at the same time?

I went to cruise Netflix to look for a Drama that wasn’t here on Viki. I saw The Crowned Clown. I thought wait a sec, I just saw it listed here. It was my understanding that that doesn’t happen. Is it an overlap of a discontinued drama moving over or? I’m just curious. : )


There are actually a number of dramas that can be found on both platforms. For example, Touch Your Heart and Her Private Life also just got released on Ntflx while they can still be found on Viki. These are not the only examples, either.


Empressi ki se trouve également sur les deux plate-forme


Yes, loads of dramas can be found on both sites at the same time.

A drama which has been an exclusive one one site can one day find its way to the other site. However, not the so-called originals, which tend to only be available on one site from start to finish.

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The secret Life of my secretary

Available on all platforms I know
YouTube, Netflix,viki,wetv

Netflix is getting competitive now with Asian dramas , I noticed they even got their product placement in The King, Eternal Monarch


Yes i remember it .