Drama Reccs: Heartwarming Families - Unexpected or Not


They use the same hangul character so whoever translates it can choose either “Kang” or “Gang”… so I guess the CM settled on “Gang”. You can also choose whatever you want. It bugs me to see EXO’s Sehun written as “Sehoon” in some news articles, but that spelling is also technically right :grimacing:


My friend is loving this one! She said the friendships are awesome!
I’m not sure but this is a maybe from the reviews I am reading


I loved this group of girls.


Okay. There is this thing called “romanization of Korean”. In old times they had a romanization that catered very much to the tastes of the English people. And all the sounds were written in a way that English-speaking people could automatically pronounce them more or less right. Let’s call it a colonial mindset. To make an Indian example, think of “saree” and “Calcutta” - which, since 2001, have become “sari” and “Kolkata” respectively.
Now, in 2000, the Korean government devised another romanization system, more consistent and, all in all, more faithful to the pronounciation (unfortunately, not always!), and, most importantly, without diacritics and little hard-to-type marks. This is called the Revised Romanization (R.R.)
Now, U is not written OO anymore. Which is a great relief to every other language out there, except for the English. It’s written U.
Hangul has an open O and a closed O. In Revised Romanisation, the open O is written as EO. Whereas in old times they wrote it as U or OU. (For instance. Jeong was written Joung or Jung)
Some more examples of old romanization and new romanization:
noona --> nuna
ahjusshi --> ajeossi
hyung --> hyeong
Yoon --> Yun

Now, for the consonants. Unfortunately, in Korean, the same consonant character sounds differently if it’s at the beginning of the word, in the middle or at the end.
G is one of those darn consonants. When it’s at the beginning of the word it sounds like a very soft K. There is the “real” K, but this one is softer.
So the RR decided that every character should have a Latin equivalent, and it should be always the same, whichever its placement, preferring, for the sake of consistence, to be faithful to the writing and not to the pronounced sound. This makes it much easier to romanize words in Hangul, but if you don’t know the rules of pronounciation, the romanized version doesn’t help.
This means that the correct writing is G but you pronounce it as soft K.
(The same happens to other consonants, like B which is pronounced as a soft P)

So… It’s not “you can choose whatever you want”. You either choose the old romanization or the new one, if you are the editor. But you have to be consistent throughout the drama, not jump from the one to the other.

I personally use RR in all dramas where I am English editor (if I am not Chief Editor, of course, it’s done with the Chief Editor’s consent), and Italian editor. For Romance languages, the RR makes much more sense!

Regarding people’s names, the government said “We strongly encourage you to change your names to the new style of romanization, but it’s not compulsory. If you are used to your old romanized name and don’t want to change it, we won’t oblige you to”.
This means that many people who were used to going abroad, preferred not to change it.
Lee --> Yi,
Kang --> Gang,
Park–> Bak,
Kim --> Gim

But those surnames are so popular and well-known in their old form, that even in dramas with full RR, we keep them as they were, old style.
Exception of the exception: Lee becomes Yi in historical dramas. That’s also how people of the Yi dynasty are written in Wikipedia articles.
See the most popular surnames and their romanization in both styles here.

If you’re interested, you can delve more into the subject here:

and here:


Thank you for the info! I remember reading about this here and there!

for some reason, I like the old style more :sweat_smile: But I guess I’ll have to change slowly…
Somehow “Yi Jun Gi” doesn’t look as good as “Lee Joon Gi” and “Yun Bak” doesn’t look as good as “Yoon Park”… but I’m just being silly at this point :joy:


At any rate, as I said, Lee, Park, Kang, Choi and Kim are usually not changed for drama characters. As for real-life people, they get to choose how they want their name spelled.

Have you noticed the celebrity pages on Viki where there are two and sometimes three different spellings for each name? It’s to catch every possible interpretation, although officially there can be only two correct spellings: the RR and the one the person (or their agency!) chose for themselves.


The Bond!

Realistic, heartwarming, full of flawed but beautiful characters. And the bond they share is wonderful.


18 Again

I love them. They build a family even if it was pretty hard. They were too young, but I love all the family interactions, and he’s a great actor! I can feel all the emotions in every single episode.



Awww don’t make me cry again with that second gif… that whole scene breaks my heart and leaves me in a crying mess every time I see it! :sob::sob:


I cried a lot with this show and laugh a lot as well.
I can’t even imagine that situation, it should be really hard!! :anguished:


Ok you know D.O. LOVEfest 2021
I think the village family - and her adopted dad - aw - when D.O. joins they love him
They are a heartwarming family - just ignore the palace politics
:100: Days My Prince


I reallllllly, reALLLLLYYYYYYY want this drama to get into my region by the time it starts airing. I feel like weekend dramas should be watched on-air, not binged.

I’ve always wanted to watch something with a plot just like this. I’m not a fan of huge age gaps, but the plot, the kids, the “unexpected family” trope and the fact that it’s a KBS drama excite me so much! Also, my favorite drama grandma, the Nation’s Grandma, is in it!

The Bond was the first family-type drama I watched. Though it had only 36 and this one’s set to have 50, I’m still holding an open mind and hoping to enjoy this one. It looks really, really good. The color palette is beautiful.


Well, I will still wait till it is aired or 80 percent through. Even not on Viki, if it’s KBS I still got a chance at their yt channel. Please!


side kicks for a family drama

I don’t know if they play a couple again … But they got great timing together. I often hate the characters Lee Jong Won plays, but he is a good actor and that is what matters.
Have not been looking forward for any new drama this year … At least don’t remember, but even if it is the old family galore, I am so in need and ready for it. Viki has 3 trailers, KBS yt only 2 … anyway, give me a nice family drama. Oh, well a fart in the trailer already, hopefully it will not turn into a running gag.


Which trailer did you watch? I watched the five-minute long one without English subs (and I UNDERSTOOD most of what was going on! I understood when they spoke! I’m so proud of myself! :sunglasses::joy:)

The ML looks like a typical cold tsundere who doesn’t even have a dorky side :confused: I’m already not a fan of large age gaps so I wonder how this will play out… He has a very nice smile, which he showed in the cover photo shooting BTS, so I hope we get to see a lot of it.

FL looks like she’s going to be carrying the show. Although this is just from the trailer, I like her spirit. She doesn’t seem to be a doormat, she’s not messy or disheveled, she’s dressed nicely as far as I can see, she apologized properly for mistaking ML to be a pervert/psychopath, she doesn’t seem afraid to reprimand him over not being a responsible dad, and she seems to be a fighter. I like her smile. But she’s walking a thin line. I hope the writers walk on the line well. The main couple’s height difference is almost as large as their age difference :joy:

Do Bong Soon’s brother is in the main cast! I liked him in SWDBS!


Not that one, only the short ones like - half a minute. I guess I would need the Hangul title to look for the long one. I am too lazy.

But it showed me this SBS scene haha.


LOL… I just searched up “KBS drama” on YT and went to their page… the one I watched was the latest trailer


LOL it is the Full House Take 2 house - I think I never saw this one since then.
I guess my algorythm at yt is messed up a few months ago I had so many Korean videos coming up, but now its at zero and the dramas with subs are at KBS World.


I recently watched an episode of Knowing Brothers/Men on a Mission that had this ML as one of the guests. He seemed really lovely, so I researched him and found out about this upcoming drama. I thought it sounded really nice also.

That photo of them is kind of hilarious. Even on a box, she is so tiny next to him.

I noticed this also and was so happy. I’ve always wanted to see him in more projects. The funny thing is, the other projects I HAVE seen him in, I didn’t even realize it was him for the longest time. One was a drama (really no idea of the title) about a wanna-be or washed-up Kpop idol who really wasn’t any good but kept persisting. I kept thinking his character seemed so familiar but could not figure out who he was. And the same for his character in ‘Mad for Each Other’.


I had chatted and discussed and picked The Bond to pieces with a user on MDL… We’d come to the comments section every day after each episode and rant, scream, psychoanalyze and squeal over every detail of the drama :joy: She’s the one who told me about this drama.

I’m here for the cute grandma, son and FL… I remember FL as the supporting character in Kiss Goblin. She’s adorable. I have really high hopes!

They’ve also styled them both so that she looks so tiny next to him :joy: I really can’t wait now!