Drama sequels if any

what Korean dramas have confirmed sequels if any? Gu Family Book?

Oh, sorry, I dislexicaly read your word “sequels” as “squeals”. Haha!

Please, disregard this post.

You mean sequels, like seasons, with most of the characters still in it?
If you mean that, there are only a few … (There are more sequels for variety shows than drama in South Korea)
I did not see too many:
There is TEN, God’s Quiz, Rude Miss Young Ae
There are more dramas that share the same idea and genre, writer(s) and production team,and have (slightly) different stories:

  • Iris, Athena, Iris II
  • I Need Romance, I Need Romance 2012, I Need Romance 3
  • Reply 1997, Reply 1994, (rumors about Reply 1988)
  • High Kick Through The Roof 1-3 (not sure)
  • Jungle Fish, Dream High, Vampire Prosecutor, (till now each 2 seasons)

And I am sorry, but I don’t know of any follow-up for Gu Family Book.


they go out of the way to tease you with sequels such as chosen 3, princess agents,and a whole lot more, but they can not be found, were they made ???this has perplexed me quite a lot…

As far as I know, Kdramas hardly get 2nd seasons. If they do, it’s usually with different cast members (and some OG memers) like Waikiki and the let’s eats series.

I heard that prison playbook is getting a second season and I think they will change the cast as well…


There are also rumors about a second season of Signal. I remember reading an article about it earlier this year.

There is also My First First Love with two seasons and each season with eight episodes. (on NTFX)

Love Alarm currently has only one season, but I am sure it will have another one soon. NTFX has yet to announce a release date, though.