Drama similar to How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor?

If anyone has seen How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor, can you recommend another drama similar to it? Similar as in plot wise and character wise, such as the main male lead is kind of a womanizer, but then he meets a woman who is seemingly resistant to his charms, and he changes after he falls in love with her. I can think of That Winter, the Wind Blows for a guy who doesn’t really care about the feelings of the women he dates in the beginning of the show, but then he changes. Also, I can think of Marriage Contract with the same premise… I don’t mind if it is an older drama. Actually, I’ve been wanting to watch an older drama…

If anyone can recommend me another drama, I’d really appreciate that. “The Perfect Neighbor” really stole a place in one of my fav kdramas list, especially with the character development. Here is a picture of the cover of the drama:

That was one of the earlier dramas I watched here.
Something like Beautiful Days or New Tales of Gisaeng?
Maybe The Greatest Wedding?

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Hm, I’ll check out those dramas. Thank you for the suggestion!