Drama sites in other than english languages

Hello Community,
I was wondering if there are any other sites out there in languages apart from english where I can find shows information. I was thinking of adding metadata to Viki to improve it from other languages but was not sure where I can such metadata. If any one can point out any of it, I could help add information in other languages.
Yes my own first language is English but I want to add information in other languages.

I go directly to the websites that the dramas air on. Like She was Pretty. I looked up on the internet what station it was airing on and what time. I went to MBC and was able to maneuver through the site even though I don’t know Korean. TV was in English on the top of the website then pics showed up so I figured it out from there.That way I can watch live stream first thing in the morning from my house outside of Dallas. Pretty cool.

I did that because it got cancelled because there was a national baseball game and I was trying to see when it would air next and if they were going to skip one.