Drama suggestions

But… she clearly wrote she does not want love stories, and at least four in your suggestions are love stories.
And also: “I’m looking for something not from Korea or China.” Most dramas in your list are Korean.
If she wanted Korean, there is an impressive line-up of thrillers for the next months.

I watched “I need romance 3” and I was impressed. Three very good leads (the second male lead is Namgung Min, so…)


Thanks for the suggestions, but I really only genuinely liked Whisper from all these. I guess our tastes are quite different. :slight_smile:

So that’s why I recommend some Taiwanese drama :slight_smile: Taiwanese dramas’ style are different with Chinese drama.

The Circle is an epic sci-fi thriller.

It’s kind of “funny” how you keep getting suggestions for the dramas you do not want …

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If you like suspense/thrillers, try this Japanese drama. It’s short but really good.


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This seems very interesting, thanks!

The ones I saw were very badly made, with cheap effects and exaggerated cheesy plotlines: not comparable to Korean dramas. The kissing scenes are a bit more realistic than in Korean and Chinese dramas, and they are much more open-minded about gays and stuff.

Those maybe old Taiwanese dramas. “The Perfect Match” and “Masked Lover” are improving comparing to the leading lady who is usually annoying in Taiwanese drama I used to watch and those Taiwanese dramas with hundreds of episodes about family conflict.

The following are all Japanese crime/medical shows

Galileo (TV show and a movie)
Painless: Eyes For Signs

Thanks! I’ll check them out!

How about trying some old Hong Kong drama? I am not sure if it fits your taste.

  1. Men with no shadow
  2. Beyond the realm of conscience
  3. Heart of Greed

For Japanese TV, have you ever heard about a drama made from Detective Conan? The only Japanese TV I know is Mischievous Kiss

I’ll try the first for sure. I also watched Lives of omission and loved it.

I was hoping for countries with less representation, like Taiwan, Thailand or India, but all suggestions are welcome!

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I would have recommended a Thai Lakorn but they always have romance in it and many of them are so called slap/kiss dramas, and the use of violence against the so called loved one. Many revange related, there are some horror/mystery (but it is not my cup of tea, so I wouldn’t know of any good ones.)
I doubted that you would like these, I can’t even remember one Lakorn without romance …


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