Drama suggestions

Since I’m now fairly acquainted with Korean and Chinese dramas, I’d like to ask for suggestions for dramas from other countries, too. Most here on Viki are rom-coms and romance stories and I’m not interested in those. Any ideas?

Have you seen the Japanese version of Second to Last Love?
Yes, it does have a love line between two middle-aged people, but it’s not its only charm - by far. An intelligent, mature series, noticeably better than the Korean remake. It even has a part 2.

The love line doesn’t lead anywhere anyway, even after part 2.


I saw it too Second to Last Love, and I liked it far more than the Korean version. It’s a story of a woman, no girl, no candy …

Maybe you want to try a Japanese movie

This drama was recommanded to me, but I did not watch it yet, maybe you want to give it a try

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I did watch it, I actually was Italian editor on it. The two sisters’ characters, and the relationship between them, as well as with their mother was very sensitively portrayed. But the men were less interesting and, if I know Glykeria a bit, the romance (and the “I’m pretending to be gay so you’ll stay by my side” trope) still would be too much for her taste.

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Japanese drama suggestions:

I’m Mita, your housekeeper
It’s about a housekeeper who has been extremely traumatized in the past and therefore cannot smile. She goes to work for a familly that recently lost their mother/wife

The girl’s speech
About a high school girl who adresses school issues and tries to change the system of giving only the richests students all privileges with the help of a genius speechwriter.

The hours of my life
About a guy who gets diagnosed with ALS disease

Hong Kong movie:

The greatest civil war on earth
A comedy about two neighbors. One from Hong Kong speaking Cantonese and one from Mainland China speaking Mandarin. Because of their different languages and cultures, results often in confusion, misunderstanding and rivalty.


Actually, I was hoping for more thriller/ action/ sci-fi stuff, but thanks guys, maybe it’s good l didn’t narrow it down because some of these look really interesting.

@irmar one of the very few love stories I’ve enjoyed was the movie In the Mood for Love, but it was an exceptional movie and too good for me to not like it.

@lutra, I’m afraid @irmar is right, I really don’t like those kinds of manipulations in love stories, unless the guy is convicted as a stalker in the end (hopefully with some crime in the mix). But I’ll try the other one.

@emmelie96 I watched the Korean version of the Housekeeper and I didn’t even finish it, I found it… flat. I didn’t remember it was based on a Japanese drama, I’ll definitely check it out. And the comedy, for sure.

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Don’t worry, do you want recommendations in general, or stuff that is on viki?

Then maybe J-Drama Border (2014), Black & White from Taiwan …

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In general. I guess I’ll find them somewhere. :innocent:

Perhaps try the following:

  1. Dong Ju, Portrait of a Poet, it’s a kmovie based on true story during Japanese occupation with Kang Ha Neul in black and white, received award
  2. Tunnel kdrama, about a detective who happens to go in future to solve a serial killer case, very good
  3. New Trial, upcoming kmovie, based on true story, a young man wrongly accused and imprisoned, a thriller
  4. The Suicide Forecast, an older kmovie, about an insurance salesman and his moral, a comedy
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Thanks for the suggestions, but I’m looking for something not from Korea or China.

I just finished Tunnel, it became really boring and predictable in the end. It was a good idea, but it ended a tropefest. I’ll try the rest anyway!

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Though it is from China, if you like a “thinking” drama, I highly suggest Nirvana in Fire.


It’s out of your genre wanted list, but no romance. I liked it though it’s a father son story Tonbi - J-drama.
Other J-drama Ouroboros, Bitter Blood.

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It’s too bad it’s not based on a book, I would happily read the book. :slight_smile:

J- dramas with their short seasons and intense stories are really appealing. I’m in for a lot of binge- watching with these. :slight_smile:

I heard the Korean version was longer and had a plot twist. This one is just 12 episodes. Although it took me a few episodes to get into it, I found it quite intense and heartbreaking in the end.

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It is. I loved it so much I got the Korean translations flown in direct. There are no English translations past ep/chapter 9.

It is??? I’m intrigued!

Does this http://www.novelupdates.com/series/nirvana-in-fire/ seem correct? Translated up to chapter 26?

Apparently so?! But it’s not lining up properly. Last I checked it only went up to chapter 7 then 9 then nothing. That’s when I ordered the books.

Also the novelist is the screenwriter for the drama.

I meant if it’s the right book. I’ll start reading and see how it goes!

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TVN dramas are the best. Here’s my list:

  1. Reply series:1988 1994, 1997
  2. The K2
  3. Oh My Ghostess
  4. Marriage Not Dating,

Taiwanese drama:
1.The Masked Lover
2. The Perfect Match
3.Refresh Man
4. Fall in Love With Me

Other Korean drama without romance about detective genre:
2. Voice
3. The Defendant
4.Mystery Queen

Korean drama with thriller and romance:
1.Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
2. Whisperer: (don’t expect sweet love in here)

Comedy without romance:

  1. Chief Kim

Does any one watch “I need romance” series yet?