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So my question is, would we in USA be able to watch Uncomtrollably Fond and/or The Goblin ever?..or is this isduecif license a lost case for us here? What should we do, contact Viki with petitions? Just wondering bcz these are 2 of the best dramas I have watched (that’s a lot to say coming from me). Any leads or advice for us in USA? Thx.

License issue**

There is this form to request, if you can motivate others maybe the number will increase. Viki says that it only counts one request per writer, so multiple request forms don’t take effect.

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Thank you, I followed your suggestion and submitted request for both shows. I appreciate the lead. Regards.

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My Secret Romance was an exclusive at DF

Now it’s licensed here.
I guess we’ll be getting more exclusives soon…

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Thank you @marykarmelina. “My Secret Romance” was cute.
I’m really hoping to see tvN’s “100 Days My Prince”. I watched five episodes on DF and the dramas were gone . . . with the unwatched dramas of many viewers in the Americas.

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I am also hoping for 100 Days My Prince to get licensed
We have our fan channel :slight_smile:

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Goblin is now available for US. :grin: