Dramafever exclusives

Hi, I was wondering if Viki might be acquiring some or all (wishful thinking) of the Dramafever exclusives. Thank you.


I think we still have to request them , and wait


Actually, DF called some of their shows exclusives, but they were showing at the same on Viki, as well :laughing:

Just try looking them up using the search engine.


I have looked for some of my favorite K-Dramas on here but can’t find them. Cinderella and Four Knights, Uncontrollably Fond, and Goblin for example. I’m hoping they can get them here.

Goblin was definitely here. I watched it here. DF had the American exclusive license, which might mean that we had the European one.

(Is that OK? I am not disclosing anything, right?)


Goblin and Uncontrollably Fond were licensed here. When they both aired, we had them available here but as time passed, some titles lose their licenses. That’s what happened…:sob:

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Goblin is still available for Europe (I can say it because I’m not a moderator there :smile:). It’s a superb show.


Uncontrollably Fond, however, has episodes there, but is unavailable for me.

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Thank you, everybody. I am in the US and they say unavailable in my region.

try you tube, thats a good idea, I think I will! I don’t think Netflix has them, but will checlk

Hello I don’t ever remember the Drama “Goblin” being here on Viki because Drama Fever had exclusive right only to that drama. I was a member there at DF and that where I watch Goblin, In the search at the time here on Viki they did not have it otherwise I would have watch it here or either place. I live in the US

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Viki got the European license for Goblin, I know this for sure, I was the German moderator :))


I think I’m going to have to check out the dvd’s from the library if I want to watch these, thank you everybody.

You have k-drama on your local library? Awesome!

Hi, it was licensed but with country restrictions, not available for everyone around the world. Only for certain continents. The ones DF didn’t license it.

Don’t have, only have dramas for jtbc and the new dramas of Netflix.

We are talking about the different between apples and oranges here, Viki may have had “Goblin” license for Europe. But at the time here in the US it was not here on Viki it was exclusively at Drama fever. That is where I watch it at, DF when searching for Goblin here, the message was Not in our regent meaning. ( US )

You said Drama Fever did not have license for Goblin. DF was a “legal” Asians drama web site. Please tell me how DF did not have exclusive right to Goblin without a proper License ? Because being legal mean conforming to the rules. Otherwise the owners like producers, directors, writers without the proper permission, Drama Fever would have been sue., if license was not granted.

Sorry I think you are not correct, unless you can show me otherwise. Drama Fever like Vikii was not a low rated site they was 100 percent legal which mean every drama coming out of Korean or China was handled with the right protocol.

It’s quite simple. You’re looking at this only from your own perspective, living in the US. For that region DF had the licence. For every other region Viki had the licence. Both sites were doing a good job securing the licence and everything was legal.

I wish Viki would renegotiate their licence so that the US people can watch it here, as well. I mean, the English language is 100% completed anyway.


Really this question was directed at @marykarmelina she said in her comment that DF didn’t license Goblin. I think I was clearly explaining in my previous reply back to her comment, that Drama Fever would not have had Goblin if it was not license to have it there.

Also I was not looking at it from my perspective I clearly said again in my reply to @somejuwels that Viki may have had Goblin for Europe, while DF had it exclusive for the US. :slight_smile:

@peggyroyster_409 Hi. Actually I didn’t say DF didn’t license Goblin. I said Viki got Goblin licensed here (but not for the Americas) We all know that DF, which was a legal site, used to have exclusivity for that region. Although I live in the Americas, I preferred watching k-dramas on Viki. In the old days, If DF got an exclusive title, then Viki managed to get the other continents like Europe, Asia…

Now that DF is gone, I hope Viki expands Goblin’s license to the Americas. It also has Spanish subtitles already, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone who didn’t enjoy it here.

On top of that, we all do know who has the best subtitles out there… V.I.K.I :wink: