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Actor Cha In Ha Passes Away + Agency Releases Official Statement


Dec 3, 2019

by D. Kim

Actor Cha In Ha has passed away.

The police stated that the actor was found dead at his home on December 3, and the cause of death is currently being investigated.


what about the ones with DID? L liked the good doctor wasn’t there a pianist with that same thing, savant?
so many diseases to cover, anyone with PTSD? psychometric guy, can’t think of the name at the moment. he touches people and sees the outcome, what about that girl in Sketch, her drawing?
the girl that dreams, too.the girl that sees death (Black)

I know some of these dramas where some of the “sicknesses” if you will, are made up. the ones that had surgery, on brains, no emotions, etc. a list, yes!! what is ASD? I try to keep up with strange maladies and all (GOOGLE it) or my sis in law who is a retired nurse.

ok come on make the list! hehehehehe:joy::grin:

I looked through the list just now, per the above stuff, it refreshed my mind a bit on a lot of stuff. thanks


I just saw the news. Very sad. I will check out the drama somewhere in the future though. I had only seen Cha In Ha in Cleaning with a passion before and thought he did a good job.


I hope we get to know what made him take such a sudden drastic decision (if it was suicide like they saying it was), since he was doing so well in his roles. RIP Cha In Ha.

This YT video discuss how many K pop idols avoid seeking help for their mental illness because of their fear of losing their job. Please watch. around minute 17:00 on.


Title: Spinning Out

Main character is bipolar + anxiety.

I thought it’s a light sports story with some rivalry and bitching athletes but it is quite serious… the mental health issue doesn’t appear in the trailer but in the beginning of the story…
It is quite realistic, the actress plays so well that you can feel the pain (rare for most shows).

I think it’s one of the best shows with mental health issues I’ve watched so far.

I definately recommend it but with a warning: because it is way more realistic than other shows it can trigger or make you feel upset/sad/depressed (because most main characters have to deal with hurting things, e.g. also racism towards Afroamericans, gossip/rumours about divorce etc.)


One thing that is really impressive for a US show is that they show it on a subtle level often with an actor’s expression instead of blablabla so the most touching scenes are filmed in a way that is more similiar to Chinese actors who are great in showing feelings just by their eyes’ and face’s expressions.


I like some of these dramas, it brings all those ailments & illnesses that we dont know about, heal me kill me, the good doctor, this is called love, jeckle ,hyde & me, and so many more, the phobias as well. ealy interesting…


Inspector Koo

They don’t specifically name it in the drama, but the FLs, both inspector Koo and K, seem to be on the Anti Social Personality Disorder spectrum.

It could be that more characters in that drama are higher on the spectrum :sweat_smile:


oh thats right, didn’t think about that!


Alexithymia - inability to express or recognise one’s own feelings


“i remember you”
the brother of the protagonist was so hot and he really looked like a psychopaths



Wanted to watch it because of the title.
Heard mixed reviews, but I’ll guess I’ll watch it :blush:

@minablbas_295 haha what does a “psychopath” look like?


hot and crazy hhhhhh


I completely blame media for this :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the ML in this drama have anthropophobia or ‘fear of humans’, since his allergy [SPOILER] isn’t actually an allergy at all, ruling out that the symptoms are caused by another medical condition. It could have been a manifestation of his anxiety. The depiction of the whole thing was a bit problematic though :sweat:.


he didn’t really have a fear of humans. he just did not trust a single one and that manifested in the form of rashes all over his body whenever he touched a person. I don’t think the writer was trying to create a disease or give ML a real medical condition. It’s more like an allegory, a tool that the writer uses to depict the importance of trust and human relationships. He first gets it when his best friend betrays him. Remember the way the friend’s hand turns into a monster-ish hand and a green-colored drop falls on ML’s hand? That’s obviously not real… just another use of imagery. After the closest person to him betrays him, he starts to believe that everyone in the world is out to harm him.

When he starts trusting someone, he doesn’t have that reaction when he touches them. That’s why he never gets a reaction when he touches FL when she comes to his house in disguise - he truly believes that she’s a robot so he trusts her not to harm him. Once he starts trusting her, he slowly starts to trust other people.

I personally thought the drama was very well done. The use of allegory was interesting and its overall message is beautiful. ji


I cried watching this, it’s so good. :sob:

Starring Yamapi! It’s probably his finest drama. Everything was just really well done.


It has sort of an open ending. Not terrible or bad but it’s not HEA either. I think it’s one of the most realistic (for the plot) endings I’ve seen.


Yes, I know his condition isn’t real, especially not in the way that they showed it in the drama, but it seemed like the writers took inspiration from existing illnesses. Others had pointed out the link with anthropophobia and I thought it was interesting, that’s why I added it to the list :blush:.

One of the things that causes anthropophobia is betrayal from close loved ones and symptoms can be flushed skin, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, shaking, etc…
Also exposure therapy seems to help in this case.

Don’t get me wrong, I also liked the drama. Just that some of things they depicted in the drama were problematic to me :slight_smile:. I probably should watch it again to point out what exactly, but I just remember feeling that way :see_no_evil:.


I’ll add it to my list, thanks :smile:


Sure! Feel free to discuss it with me because I’ve watched it about five times already, so I remember every detail :sweat_smile: