Dramas discussing psychology and mental health


Prepare some tissue.

I keep thinking about whether I should rewatch or not. The plot isn’t too heavy but it’s an eye opener. Can’t really explain it. Reminds me of,

Different plot completely but both ml makes me want to protect them.


It’s a good drama. I was just a little disappointed by the ending.

The main subject is PR, it’s very interesting. The ML has a mental health problem and can’t touch a woman.


These two have some psychology or mental health with a body dysmorphic and I know in Beauty Inside he cannot see or recognize people’s faces - very psychologically taxing


The mental and physical abuse that the ML suffered. Great healing drama

The mental issues surrounding his losing his memory every night

Scars and emotional pain of PTSD

Due to a coma she is mentally still 17


Duel - Personality


I rewatch MIIGB so much. It’s my comfort kdrama.

The Beauty Inside is a superb plot. I cried so much when she was an old man and he still recognized her. He said even if she stayed that way, he’d take care of her and love her the same way. :disappointed_relieved:


Prosopagnosia. Yes, seems very horrible


I remember you, forgot how it ended, looks like another to watch

move to heaven(NF) what about that ballea guy the senior with alsheimers, isnt that a mental condition too? what about the ones with amnesia,(devilish joy, for one)

good doctor

who are you? the one in 2013, she was in a coma for 6 years, then sees ghosts and so on


Mad for each other also deals with different psychological issues and how people with those issues might be perceived by others. Some of the characters have PTSD, paranoia, OCD and anger management issues.

You are My spring also deals with somethings, right?



I was glad that the writers didn’t magically heal ML’s prospagnosia in Secret Life of my Secretary. The way they chose to end it was pretty good IMO, even though it may not be medically accurate. I don’t like it when diseases magically disappear.


Tell me about it! It’s one of my biggest ‘nopes’ when it comes to these dramas or tv series in general.
Of course, some people realize that people with those disorders or illnesses don’t act like that in real life or that they experience life differently.

The amount of times these people hear ignorant comments from others, partly because they saw it in a tv series, is infuriating :sob:. Comments like: they aren’t ‘trying hard enough’ to make their life more manageable (or get cured) or that they can just take meds for whatever it is :sweat:.


The other extreme, which I see a lot more, is when people pretend to have a condition or try to label every tiny little discomfort as some awful serious mental disorder. It’s annoying and kinda sad to see people convince themselves that they’re mentally ill and need professional help and medications for every small thing. I feel it’s disrespectful and sad for people who actually suffer from real diseases, because it’s hard to differentiate the real ones from the attention-seeking ones. More and more people seem to like playing victim these days.

I like being extra-clean = i have OCD
I like things going my way all the time = i have OCD

I’m impatient, Iike being the centre of attention and will interrupt anybody at any time to be heard = i have ADHD


I do think those terms get misused a lot, as well as “psycho” and “sociopath,” “narcissism,” etcetera. I think those terms get thrown around so much that people that have ASPD or NPD don’t get taken seriously, as well as victims who deal with (their) abuse.

It’s sad really.

Since I’m involved in communities that deal with chronic illnesses, I would be careful with this type of statement, even if it happens to be true in some cases :sweat_smile:.

So many people in the chronically ill and neurodivergent communities get “medically gaslighted,” because doctors and other medical professionals don’t take them seriously - sometimes they think they are complaining about every little thing. Like you said, it’s hard to differentiate between people who actually experience those symptoms and those who don’t.

It’s not fair that the people who need care/help the most don’t get what they need, unless they happen to meet the right doctor from the beginning or find them on their Xth time looking around, but a lot of them end up with no help at all :cry:.

Pardon me, this topic is something I deal with a lot :sweat_smile:.


I’ve started to watch Perfect Partner and so far I’m quite happy with the psychiatrist he is seeing. She’s professional and actually helpful. Hope it stays that way later in the drama :smile:

The only thing that struck me as a bit odd was that she said that she wouldn’t hire a maid (or was it a nanny?) if that person was diagnosed with a mental disorder. I can sorta get why that would matter if they were a nanny, but a maid? It should depend on the disorder…

But then again, maybe they wanted to show her as a human that has flawed thinking, which is 100% true for all the people in this field.


I liked her character too.


wait aminit, y all am I thinking of the wrong drama here??

looks like I need to re watch this one again


heres a new one, Dream Garden, very good if you ever come across gas light syndrom, this will tell you about it. I hope I didn’t give something away, I put someting on holiday depression, so do check it out.


I am watching it, and I see what you mean