Dramas from the Phillipines

I am branching out in my drama viewing. I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for a good drama to start watching from the Philippines? Also, there seems to be very few dramas from here. Most are fan channels, which is fine, but no one can view videos without the licensing. Are these dramas just not being licensed for Viki or is Viki just not looking at dramas in this genre? Anyone know anything. Any suggestions for a ‘first’ drama would be great.

I’ve heard “On The Wings Of Love” is REALLY popular in the Phillipines because #JaDine (ship name for the two leading actors) is always popping up onto my Instagram discover page. I haven’t watched it, but I guess you should check it out 'cause they have international fans, too.

I LOVED ‘Impostor’. I started it, then stopped, mainly because of shallowness … But when I continued a while later I fell in love with it. I wholly recommend it XD.

The two leading actors are actually dating in real life, i was so surprised, I’ve also watched all episodes. You should really watch it , it’s really good :smile: .

I wasn’t surprised when they confirmed that they were dating, lol.

I don’t really have time to watch anything right now, but I’ll see if I can in the future. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will see if I can check it out.

@icedthy Thank you for the suggestion. OTWOL, is absolutely adorable. I am now a James Reid fan and I have not even finished the drama. It is fairly long for me at 140+ but I am enjoying it. I am even listening to James Reid’s music. I love his R&B vibe. Anyway, I will finish this one, check out Imposter, and then go from there. All I can do is keep requesting dramas, too. Thanks again.

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I requested a channel for OTWOL, I don’t think it will get accepted though but i want people to know how good this drama is T_T. Imposter is a good drama too, got to be believe is nice, be careful with my heart, dolce amore, the story of us, dyesebel, marimar. I don’t think you can watch these dramas on viki because they don’t have the episodes but maybe you can just search it on google or something :smile: I watch them on my TV xD

I got hooked on OTWOL. I loved it! I watched Diary ng Pagnet and Talk Back and You’re Dead. I am looking into Forevermore as well as, their respective sequels. The whole concept of the ‘love team’ is very interesting and reminds me of old school Hollywood. I put in requests for more movies and dramas, too. I have saw some clips of James on PBB. Wow, he looks different. I miss his accent! :smile: Still going to check out Dolce Amor and I am hoping to find the movie Your Place or Mine and hoping that This Time will be out sooner or later where I live.

Forevermore was pretty good. I like LizQuen. Enrique Gil knows how to make you cry! :). I have not seen Imposter, yet. I have watched 4 episodes of Dolce Amore. I like that one but it hasn’t completely grabbed me, yet. I have watched a few movies and I really am enjoying them. It seems really hard to find anything that was made from a Wattpad and it seems many of the networks are doing ‘live-action’ Wattpad stories over the last few years.

They have those 5 episode series from wattpad stories in youtube. But now i think you can’t watch them anymore. Well, i dont know cuz its not available in my country but if it’s available in your country then that’s good. :slight_smile:

I noticed there are a ton of wattpads but most of them do not have subs on Youtube. I just wish Viki would take a little time to get some of the teleseryes and movies. I had to buy Till I Met you with Jadine just to be able to see it with subtitles.

So I have not watched Jadine’s new drama, Till I Met You and I think it ended. Idk, I just kept waiting and then got sidetracked. I cannot seem to find the older ones and I cannot get my attention on the new stuff. I keep wanting to see Derek Ramsay’s movies but they never have english subs. A Love to Last looks good, too. I am somewhat hitting a wall, so to speak. I have This Time on DVD but I have not watched, yet. I wanted to see Barcelona and Girlfriend for Hire but I cannot find it with English subtitles. I did not finish Dolce Amore either. Hm… time to get back into my teleseyres. Anyone watching something that is just ‘consuming’?

Oh, I did manage to watch Your Place or Mine. I was happy to see Bret. I saw Bride for Rent, Just the Way You Are, Everyday I Love You, Ex with Benefits and Maybe This Time. It seems movies are easier to find than telseryres.

It should have been This Time not Till I Me You.