Dramas that need segment fixing 🔨


Just wanted to make a post where people can list dramas that need segments fixing because the segmentation was inappropriate etc… but lack segmenters to help. So any segmenter who finds this topic might help :slight_smile:



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I can help a little in channels that are licensed.
But only if they are in English. If the episodes are translated into other languages it is very difficult, because I must cut segments or add.

@piranna @walter_casa

Walter brings up a good point actually.

Perhaps it would be wise to split this list up - make new threads:

  1. Needs segment repair, Licensed, English subtitles complete. This will be the most difficult category of repair.

  2. Needs segment repair, Licensed, English subtitles not complete (i.e. no subs in place to damage but rather fix segments rather than remove - e.g. ONE part or two are bad - the rest of an episode is fine.)

  3. Fan Channel Videos - a thread for anyone who needs segmenting, repairs, and other help on Fan Channel Videos where they have not yet been stricken are in use or being subbed in. Not all channels are licensed, and there are some with valiant Teams still working to complete or fix their videos. We should definitely honor their needs too!

In the case of all postings to the threads -

  1. Name of drama - original language, and a link to the page.

  2. Is the English completed already in the affected episodes and/or other languages work? (yes/no)

  3. Number of affected episodes - and their numbers on a list. In some cases, a drama may fit both lists 1 and 2, but have different videos listed for each. Estimate of how much of that episode is damaged. A description of what sort of problem is there - e.g. no extensions, flashy, chopped up/hard sub style, etc. (“A vision of segmenting hell visited on planet viki” would describe some I’ve repaired lately…)

  4. Person to contact if interested.

Perhaps it is also time to update Mahoula’s thread on things that need doing - she took a survey some time ago showing segmenting, subbing needs around here on some of the older channels. :slight_smile:

It may also be a thought…Consider that the standard for segmenting even at NSSA has changed a bit over time, and what is now proper may not have been around 2-3 years ago, for example. Or some work was done for contests and not checked carefully. Repairing is also not for everyone, patience is needed and you will get deductions from your segmenting total if you delete a segment…(sigh). Or merge one.

I have found some done 2 years ago are no longer in good shape according to the current standard. Add to this the very fact we still have a lot of dramas out there that are not completed in segmenting or subbing to English even and you get a picture of work that will be quite amazing in its scope.

Good topic, good fortune to those who post and also those who will help. :slight_smile: I, alas, have about twelve more episodes before I arrive finally at completing the overhaul at one of my dramas, thus I shall not be able to do more here than post a few hopefully helpful ideas.

GeNie of the Lamp cough, choke/sneeze…SIGH…POOF! …trailing tissues float softly to the ground

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4. Older drama completely subbed in English and one or more other languages, with segments so bad and so short that they MUST be merged.
(A p.i.t.a. situation that I’ve encountered all too many times).

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I love this drama. Who is in charge of the segments?

Last week I was finally made co-CM and I have been working hectically to repair the segments and of course edit the English while waiting that some kind T.E. will come to look at them.
If you want to help repairing the segments you are most welcome. Just p.m. me

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