Dramas with More than One Season? 💙


Hello My Twenties is a great drama that had two seasons


“” .CJW was perfect for the role and since he has a baby face it wouldn’t be noticeable the age gap between FL and him as ML. I’m done. The drama was already 95% done and the public would have let it slide. If his bad deed was when he was old but a high schooler? Give me a break."""

I was just confused because you used JCW. And I knew it had been Ji Soo but I digress…I’m not sure I will ever watch that show because they replaced Ji Soo…I actually support his apology and think everyone should move on and let him be.

I notice a lot of dramas end with the crew waving or dancing etc. It is weird sometimes that happened in Gentleman’s Dignity it could have been better at the ending but I still liked the show.




I have to laugh bc I always write like that, and some ppl here at viki site are so used to my way of writing and on how I jump subject in the middle; that they can follow me through that mess and explain to the ppl. what I mean. Watch how with a bit more time you’ll catch up with all the mess I write bc you’ll know where I stopped, and started another subject. lmao

I have to blame this virus I wasn’t this bad. I’m beyond help. Ask my kids. They’ll tell you; she waits half an hour and even a day to finish the story, and comes like nothing (AND I start where I left off 1/2 an hour or a day before) to say the rest, meantime they’ve been waiting for me to tell them the rest of the conversation I started. hahahahaha.

My 21 yr old says; Mom, you know we were talking about this yesterday and you come now to finish the story? Get out of my room! I don’t want to hear it now (then we all burst out laughing). I’m glad i make my kids laugh so when I’m gone they could have those crazy memories to remember me by and have a good laugh. Laughter is truly the best medicine.

Sorry if I confused you :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


Actually if you talk with me for any length of time (I who have ADHD) I start on one subject talk for an hour all around and get back to the original subject at the end of the conversation! So people that REALLY know me can follow my train of thought! So, I get it!


When I get too excited I start jumping topics like anything :joy::joy: I have to stop when I see the glazed eyes and the only answer “hmm”


I do that cuz I interrupt because what I say is REALLY important and I’ll forget!


Yeah, 5 seasons (but the 5th season is called ‘God’s Quiz: Reboot’)


Well there is this successful drama currently Season 3 is filming apparently :star_struck:

I really really hope Viki will also let us watch Season 3, I’m curious, what kind of crazy development would the writers bring us???