Dramas with More than One Season? 💙

So I have been wanting to watch this one! I have heard it is good! Do you have to watch Season 1?

Please give me your favorite k-drama, c-drama, t-drama with MORE than ONE Season!


You don’t HAVE to watch Season 1, because the plot of season 2 is basically an alternate universe but with the same story. It’s just funnier if you’ve watched Season 1, because they do make quite a few references.

I just finished S 2 today and…it was kinda boring, to be honest. It had every cliche imaginable and the male lead was sometimes pretty forceful with her, trying to get her to kiss him when she didn’t even really have feelings for him. SO it made me uncomfortable. He was not as big a jerk as in S1 though. I thought their chemistry would improve since this is season 2, but it actually seemed to get worse. Only Wen Li’s arc truly improved. I liked his relationship and everything about it.

The cinematography is better than in S1, but there is A LOT of product placement, and I mean, A LOT. WAYYYY more than even DOTS or Lost Romance and they make it so painfully obvious.

My favourite character was his secretary, Wen Li. It’s only for him that I even stuck through the entire story. Season 2 is wayyyy more boring than S1. You could treat S1 as a guilty pleasure, because there were a lot of heart-fluttering moments, and the bromance was also well-done (though they went completely berserk towards the end, making it cringey and cliche).
However, season 2 has the same basic storyline as S1, so everyone already knows what’s probably going to happen. Their marriage and love-line seemed so unreal, one day she doesn’t have feelings for him, the next day she’s dragging him to the Civil Affairs Department to get married :flushed: The villain’s reason for being a villain was soooooo dumb.

Personally, I don’t reccomend the drama at all. Felt like a waste of time.


My favorite kdrama with more than one season is God’s Quiz (five seasons).

It looks like it’s not available in any country, though.


It is really a too very good drama…! Just love this one…And Always Warm SS1 AND 2 is also grt!!


I would say the Reply series is my favorite, especially Reply 1988. This drama is a masterpiece.
Other seasons of this drama are Reply 1994 and Reply 1997. Reply 1994 is available for Viki Pass Plus users.

Released in 2012. It gave a kick start to Seo In Guk’s career.

Released in 2013.

Released in 2015. One of the masterpieces ever given by K Industry.

One cool fact about this series is the parents have the names of the actors that portray the characters and the parents remain the same throughout the series.
Another is that the main characters of the preceding drama make a cameo appearance in the succeeding one.

Another series that I like is Waikiki

Many people say that season 2 is not as good as season 1 but they say this because they haven’t watched the entire drama. I was manipulated by these comments and even I thought that season 2 is not as good as season 1 but watching the episodes further, season 2 is really good and fun to watch.


Oh Yes! I have heard of the Reply Series! Thanks!:orange_heart:Didn’t realize there were so MANY I have not met Seo In Guk yet I was just noticing how many dramas he is in that I added to my collections! Need to watch one!


Loved both!


I really liked Love Alarm and it stopped on a cliffhanger! I want Season 2


*2 seasons combined! :point_up_2:

My Fair Princess was one of the highlights of my childhood! I’d rush home from school every evening to catch the TV premiere of the episodes. What a classic.


Every time I see “Qing Dynasty” my hackles rise :joy: because in some saeguk k-dramas some Qing people are total baddies…and then I realize OH. change nationality. you’re not Korean anymore :sweat_smile:


I’m so EXCITED Love Alarm 2


would love for it to be back on here, there were 4 or 5 seasons of gods quiz, It was on NF for awhile


season 1 of stranger was quite good but season 2 kinda lost something, but still good, oh and last episode He finally smiled!!


He’s doing great in the Sisyphus drama on ntfx. with Park Shin Hye (she’s on a role in so many dramas within months of each other). She looks kind of wrinkly but she’s not old enough for that.

This drama could very well have even 4 seasons bc is really good. Watching here until today River Where the Moon rises. The new On Dal is terrible for that role and looks old for her. I’m done with that drama arrivederci!

Anxiously waiting for Love Alarm2


The new guy in River Where the Moon Rises is only 26? It is going to be hard to replace an actor. I was not watching it.

Oh, Do you like LOVE Alarm! I want her to pick the guy I want! Like geez, hurry up! Cliffhanger!


Do you mean Ji Soo for the roll in River the Moon Rises?? Ji Soo was the one replaced by Na In Woo. Yes the issues happened in middle school and some accusations were inherently FALSE! He should have been allowed to finish.

I have not seen JCW in Backstreet Rookie I have friends that liked it.

LOVE ALARM she better pick my GUY!


I would love for Kim So Hyun to ring my Love Alarm but the restraining order says I’m not supposed to be within 100 meters of her so that scuppers the 10 Meters working range of the app. :iphone::no_good_woman::broken_heart:

Anyhooooo, Dramas with 2 seasons


I quite enjoyed the first one, its also got those cartoony augmented reality to supplement the comedy,
which I don’t mind probably use to them from watching anime. Binged all 28 episodes and gotten use to the main leads.
Start binging on season 2 and it’s a continuation of 1 with same main characters
but they replaced the actor and actress!
The Jing Zhi character they kind of got away with as both actress looked reasonably similar, sounded almost the same and had similar acting style, but Mike D’Angelo was a million miles away in looks than Kim Tae Hwan! It took a good 3-4 episodes before my tiny brain could accept that it’s supposed to be the same demon BF! :laughing:


Hello My Twenties is a great drama that had two seasons


“” .CJW was perfect for the role and since he has a baby face it wouldn’t be noticeable the age gap between FL and him as ML. I’m done. The drama was already 95% done and the public would have let it slide. If his bad deed was when he was old but a high schooler? Give me a break."""

I was just confused because you used JCW. And I knew it had been Ji Soo but I digress…I’m not sure I will ever watch that show because they replaced Ji Soo…I actually support his apology and think everyone should move on and let him be.

I notice a lot of dramas end with the crew waving or dancing etc. It is weird sometimes that happened in Gentleman’s Dignity it could have been better at the ending but I still liked the show.