Dramas with no evil 2nd love interest

Hi, everyone!

I love watching kdramas, but there are two recurring things about most of them that really put me off. One of them is having the male lead treat the female lead badly for a period of time. Some of them go too far on this (couldn’t watch secret garden because of this reason).

The second thing is the jealous/evil girl who also likes the male lead. I really hate this. I think it’s just a waste of time and demeaning to women, most of the time. But I think the only dramas I’ve seen without this were It’s Okay, that’s Love and Secret Love Affair.

So, I come to you for recommendations. Do you guys know of any other kdramas with no evil 2nd love interest?

I think there are quite a lot of dramas without an evil girl who likes the male lead…
Ehm… for example… City Hunter (there is a girl who likes the male lead but she’s not evil), Personal Taste (well not as far as I can remember), Faith, Who Are You, Queen In Hyun’s Man, I Hear Your Voice, Vampire Prosecutor, God’s Quiz, etc.
Many kdramas have a 2nd love interest but not all of them are evil or so jealous that they try to do everything to get the male/female lead ^^


Apart from the ones already mentioned in the last comment, there are a lot of dramas that fit here

Maybe A gentleman’s dignity I think there wasn’t second female lead in this one…
Arang and the magistrate, well this is something in between, because there’s no second female lead and the male guy treats her well, but there’s one evil antagonist who is truly a pain in the ass although she’s not in love with the main guy so…
Coffee prince, there’s a second girl but she’s not really into the main guy, I mean “that much” she’s kinda bitchy sometimes but it’s bearable

King2hearts, Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, The Reply series (Reply 1997 and 1994) which are great dramas btw…

Maybe School 2013 although there’s not even a love story haha but well, at least you don’t have a bitch around making everything impossible for everyone

Shut up flower boy band, That winter the wind blows, The Master’s sun (there’s a second girl in TMS but is not a witch, it’s even funny sometimes), Twenty years old, Two weeks and so on, and so on,and on… hahaha

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She is not as evil as other ones but the ex best friend of the female lead should be the evil second lead here :slight_smile: She is umm bitchy lol

King2Hearts–They are pretty mean to each other at first, but for me it was bearable because it was part of the story. I mean, she’s a trained assassin and trained in how to kill him. So there is mistrust between them for quite a while. That is supposed to mirror/represent the mistrust between the two Koreas. It is one of my favorite dramas, though.

Oh lol I forgot about that then XD Maybe I should watch that drama again…