Dramas you wouldn't recommend?

Hnatiuc_Beniamin, you changed your username.No wonder i haven’t been able to find you for the longest time. I couldn’t even notify you when new episodes were uploaded. LOL. Well I guess you username is now Hnatiuc :slight_smile:

I changed it because it was too big.
That’s why I could use the form, because my name was too big.

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ditto, I liked the characters but the story line was a bit overrated and too predictable. I feel like I could have literally guessed the plot of each ep before they even aired.

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If you liked it up until then, I’d suggest that you continue the show. I personally liked it and I thought that IU played the role wonderfully. She so pretty, yet really seems like she’s unaware of the fact that she is which makes her seem even more innocent.

check out my disscusion for that i explain the ending xD yess it was complicated they should have explained the ending more i was pissed at first but i watched the ending and series 2 more times and got it tottally!!! check out my explaination here: http://discussions.viki.com/t/big-korean-drama-confusing-ending-explained/713/2 or look under “BIG” korean drama confusing ending EXPLAINED! and remember,the whole story had to do with MIRACLES, hence the mention of them and constant show of the book and card the brothers both had that was titled MIRACLES.

i understand u open endings SUCKKKKKKK but here i explained what happened in the end read here :slight_smile: http://discussions.viki.com/t/big-korean-drama-confusing-ending-explained/713/2

here is the “big” ending i explained what happened http://discussions.viki.com/t/big-korean-drama-confusing-ending-explained/713/2

Yes I agree. I love LMH because he can play so many different roles and characters . And thats also his goal. But I love him in Faith haha it´s the drama where i fell for him because he was so nice and ahh . I watched BOF after that and so I don´t like BOF so much . It was not bad but it was not good so i don´t think that i will ever re watch it … I hate his hair in that drama. But I like Personal taste very much

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Nail Shop Paris also has some terrible directing and Writing to boot. Episode 3 is soooo bad it’s funny (The for-episode character’s problems in that episode are non-problems and the whole Mudang thing is inaccurate to boot). Episode 1 and 2 are weird and the rest of it doesn’t make much more sense. And the directing is awful as well. It’s low budget, but trying to be high budget.

Prince’s First Love with Sung Yuri. She had a habit of biting her lip, so the writers gave her a cracked lip. You can make a drinking game out of it. The Director went all the way to a beach, a beautiful beach in a foreign country with white sand and palm trees and all you have to do is point and shoot at the water using the rule of thirds, but he messed even that up and shot the beach in the other direction Towards the dingy palm trees. I’m not joking! And then the character went for the jerk that treated her like a piece of crap because she met him first in Japan. In another words, they had a high budget and wasted it. It got record low ratings in Korea, not toping 4 percent. But there is a worse drama…

This drama traumatized me into thinking all Korean dramas were that crappy so it took me five years to get back. It was that bad.

Thousand Years of Love is actually a thousand years of pain. Though Seong Yuri got better later. The writing is nonsensical and hard to follow from the first fifteen minutes and it doesn’t get better. It’s so painful that I can’t remember the plot–was there one? This one is worse than the previous one.

This is the bottom on my pile. The ones with the worst acting, worst directing and didn’t even get the Korean ratings to save its life. No one in any other countries have actually liked them, claimed to like them, but only for fodder to make jokes.

To give you a clue, Prince’s First Love was up on D-addicts for nomination for over 6 months for seeding. It got out voted a bunch of times until there was a repeat dramas all up and then it got in because the people who wanted to watch it didn’t know it was a crap drama and saw the pretty faces. It’s never, ever been nominated again as far as I know and the seeding died. A Thousand Years of Love is WORSE than that. Never got nominated for seeding. And I defy you to get through the first episode without feeling like your mouth is hanging and your eyebrows knitting its own sweater.

As for unanimous loses for me:

I’m Sorry I Love You. growls One of the worst portrayals of adoption EVER. The whole thing where adopted people are somehow cold-hearted until they come to Korea and the whole Suicide crap and the whole adoptive people are uncaring towards their children and the whole birth parents are somehow selfish… The WHOLE thing wreaks of unrealistic, but it was popular, so I’ll give it that.

Up there for the same reason: Thorn Birds. Who are You (the previous one, not this year’s–though both seem to have a curse). I’m kinda sick of it.

There are a lot of bad dramas around that I wouldn’t recommend so it would take me a while to write them down but there are a few that were so overrated and had many views just because of the main actor ( most of the time he is male and hot) . This type of dramas are popular and that’s all; no interesting plot, no good acting and a lot of dull scenes. In my opinion there are four of them that need to be mentioned here mostly because these are considered the best.

  1. Boys Before Flowers (korean version)- bad acting from the main actors, no chemistry and dull scenes. Famous just because of the hotness of the male actors.
    2.The Heirs. -Super overrated, boring and with exaggerated acting. It was supposed to be a romantic comedy and school drama but they were acting like in a melodrama. And what was all that stare contest between the male actors?
  2. Heartstrings- Bad acting…Made only to satisfy second lead syndrome that most of the fans had when watching You’re Beautiful. No chemistry at all.
    4.Beautiful Man- nothing was good in this drama… I started to hate the main lead, lost interest in the story after only 2 episodes and the way they wrapped things up in the ending didn’t make sense. The main lead fell in love in the last 2 episodes and for no reason a part from gratitude. What???

P.S.- I want to specify that I love all the actors that played in this 4 dramas and the proof is that there are other dramas played by them that are in my top 5 best dramas of all times. :))


Nice Guy/ Innocent Man Sorry guys (…dodge stones) I really hated the two leads and the story seemed So forced and overly dramatic and finally i have a inherent hate for any K-drama who uses Amnesia to fill plot holes for more then 2 episodes.

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Ahhhhh honestly I like that drama but I agree with you it was a little bit too over dramatic and the last 2 Episodes were just a mess.
But I believe that they are happy together and in peace soo…
Moon chae won is a great actress though

Have you watched "The Princess Man "?
It´s a very good drama of her

I’m agree with you, I love all actors in those dramas but sadly I think the common thing for this dramas to be bad is…there is no chemistry between the main leads at all in any of them.

I can pretty much watch anything and enjoy it if I’m in the right mood soooooooooooo some of these listed I actually rather enjoyed tbh some I’ve never even heard of others I watched the first ep and moved on with the thought of I’ll check that out later…now having said that some dramas come to mind …
Blade and Petal it was so over the top of WTF… the scene where where they do the upside down flip in slowwwwwwwwww mode and than repeated it an ungodly amount of times as something they were proud of when the rest of us were going WTF did I just watch…IF I were to ever re-watch it I would start at ep 11 when No Min Woo showed up… he made that show bearable for me first time in the history of me watching a drama I was on TEAM VILLAIN and I wanted him to KILL them all…

Heartstrings ending left me going WAIT that was it??? What a colossal waste of my time I could of watch something good!!..whoever recommend this to me giveeeeeeeeeeee me back the hours I wasted…I have lists of dramas I want to see!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Heirs SUPER HOT AMAZING CAST but once again disappointed not worth the hype maybe I was expecting too much…and SERIOUSLY someone NEEDS to FIRE whoever was responsible for LMH wardrobe so I NEVER have to experience that again those were some of the FUGLIEST clothes I’ve ever seen before in my life!!!

Yeah honestly I think I tuned every week just to see WTH he was going to wear next to see if it was worst than the week before…I suppose that’s one way to keep an audience but I don’t think they did that on purpose…


This is a few of my unfinished series:

  • City Hunter
  • Personal Taste
  • I Hear Your Voice
  • Master’s Sun
  • Faith
  • My Love From the Star
  • A Word From Warm Heart

They are overrated and boring. (Although LMH is my favorite actor.)
I just can’t finish them, even though I have given a second chance many of them.

LOL see perfect example here I absolutely LOVED Master’s Sun , and MLFTS is one of my fav all time dramas, Personal Taste , City Hunter and I Hear Your Voice were also ones I really enjoyed sooooooooo I’m thinking I’d probably be into Faith and A Word From Warm Heart!!! LOL


Heartstrings and Heirs are my favorite series! I cannot find anything wrong about them…

My big let downs would be.

  1. One fine day…(finished it but it was just stupid)
  2. The Musical (couldn’t finish it)
  3. When a Man Loves (couldn’t get thru it)
  4. Hana Kimi Japanese version. (watched it to see what the hype was about, Just wasn’t all that)

I have only found a select few of Taiwanese dramas that I really like. They are so hard to get into at times. Their are a lot of dramas that people are mentioning that I like.
I liked BOF but, I think that HYD was better. Full House2 was ok, I wouldn’t put it on my worse list. Mary stayed out all night, I liked it. I do have to agree about Pretty Man, It was watchable, but he has done better.

I really enjoyed “When a Man Loves”

I know it’s everybody’s own opinion but i am seriously so shocked about your list. These dramas are amazing. Faith is my number one drama i watched it so often. It can be that it’s a little bit “boring” at the beginning like I’ve read in the comments but it’s getting better and better.

I can’t say much about a word from kind heart but all the other dramas are amazing and good.

Lee min ho is my favorite actor i totally love him. Since he is lead in those dramas i just can say that he is amazing. If the dramas aren’t good it has also something to do with the actor.

But still it’s your opinion and i respect that =)