Dramas you wouldn't recommend?

I saw the topic about favorite dramas and I thought it might be interesting to know if anybody has in mind a drama that he/she wouldnt recommend hehehe
This is just my opinion so if you like the drama, dont be mad at me hehehe
And again just because I didnt like, it doesnt mean it is not good, it just mean it wasnt good for my taste :slight_smile:

Dramas that I wouldnt recommend:

  1. Mary Stayed Out All Night ( I still dont know how I managed to finish, I didnt like the story line)
    2)Full House ( I know it is a classic drama, I like the main actress a lot, Rain is hot…but 16 ep were too much, the last 4 ep were pretty much the same as the previous ep)

I think… Dr. Jin (Korean version).
It’s interesting at first but it gets boring the longer you watch. I don’t know how I finished watching that one. LOL


PARADISE RANCH: This drama was just bad…nothing can redeem it…BAD!!!

FASHION KING: It started off as a promising drama but OMG, wait till you get to the major WTF moment at the end

My LOVELY KIM SAM SOON: I know this drama is a classic/popular drama but I was so BORED watching it…I didn’t understand what was going on…I couldn’t handle any more of it so I gave up on it.

NAIL SHOP PARIS: I mean who hired the ACTORS!! The casting directors are so crazy to give the lead role to such a terrible actress ( yes I know she is KARA’s Gyu ri but her acting sucks!!!) and not to mention the JEREMY ( You are beautiful )RIP OFF in the form of MBLAQ’S, Thunder. I always felt like smacking him in the face when he was trying real hard to act cute …he can never be JEREMY……MAJOR FAIL!

LIE TO ME: Started out great and was so funny at the beginning but what happened in the MIDDLE???..…went down the hill (My opinion)

LOVE RAIN: This drama= BAD…l know a lot of people liked it but I hated it! Only thing that kept it going was that Girls generation’s Yoona was in it and JGS was lead…other than that, PURE RUBBISH (My opinion)

Xxx Everything written on here is based on my personal opinion. If you don’t agree with it, that is okay xxx

for me this drama was the most stupid one when i finished it i felt what a huge lost of time
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallllllly huge lost

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I heard that too before, and I feel kind of sad coz the main lead is sooo freaking hot :frowning: hehehe

whenever i watch a Taiwanese drama it looks so silly to me even if it was a good story i just cant finish it but the worst one is absolute boyfriend the main actress is so overacting and she really looks like the main actress in boys over flowers which i dont like so im reading the manga instead

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Fashion king was bad hahahah I couldn’t finish it, I tried to go back but, big no for me hehe

Ps: they should add a button for lol here, I laugh at every single comment you made about those dramas hahahah

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let`s face it he is the only reason we watch it

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nail shop Paris i liked the beginning hate the ending

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These are some of the dramas that I started watching but couldn’t finish.

  • Love Rain - Too slow and boring
  • Goddess of Marriage - Don’t like dragging types like this one
  • Full House 2 - Loved the original Full House but I just couldn’t get into the 2nd one. Stopped at Ep. 2.
  • Reply 1997 - I know many people absolutely loved this drama so I tried watching it a few different times but for some reason I really couldn’t get into it. Stopped at Ep. 2.
  • Take care of us, Captain - Goo Hye Sun’s acting was soooo bad
  • To the beautiful you - I liked Hana Kimi but I couldn’t finish this one. Sulli acted/sounded too girlish when she was supposed to pretend to be a boy.
  • Ohlala couple - I normally like Kim Jung Eun and Shin Hyun Joon. But I couldn’t take this one.

I also tried to watch Reply 1997, but for some reason I couldn’t pass ep 3 :frowning:
I have a friend that watched 3 times already, but I can’t

I am current watching Goddess of Marriage and even know I like it a lot, I agree that is dragging a bit. Normally they have an awesome weekend, and the next one is meh hehehe

LOL…but reply 1997 was amazing…i was hooked on the 1st episode. I guess it depends on each person’s taste :P…i have watched that drama a lot!


I was watching the Taiwanese drama called “Hi my sweetheart”… the story line was so good but their exaggerated actions and WTF cartoon graphics popping out all over the place plus RAINIE YANG’s ACTING got me so annoyed that i dropped it. Thankfully, the new Taiwanese dramas are letting go of all that cartoon grahics and getting more serious.

My best friend loves Reply 1997, it really depends on the person.
I love love Innocent Man, and I have a friend who hated, when she told me I was like, are you crazy?? It is soo good hahahah

She’s actually the one who plays Geum Jan Di in BOF :smiley: HAHA


Love rain (Only watchable if you like Jang Geun Suk. Or Yoona. Or both.)
Mary stayed out all night (Not watchable even if you like Jang Geun Suk.)
Take care of us Captain
Dream High 2
Playful Kiss (this is my best friend’s favourite kdrama and it’s okay if you’re looking for something similar to BOF, but I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you’re looking for a super lighthearted one)


I wouldnt recommand i love you dont cry because at a certain point i was just : WHAATTTT!, You see where i’m from , who cares if you have a kid lets date anyway, the ajumas pissing me off in this drama and the male caracter i wont even start on that… And also i wouldnt recommande a thousand hugs oups!! i mean a thousand kisses, because still, who cares if you are 2-3 years older than the guy or if you’re sister dates his cousin. i felt sad and angry after watching thise t ( because i’e watched them lmost in the same time…) i’ve almost lost hope in kdrama … lol


I don’t recommend the drama Big I dono why i felt the storyline was stupid even though I loved both main leads but I really couldn’t finish the drama


i agree the only part i liked wer the kissing parts…lol

yeah that drama wasn’t too good i have to admit