Dramaworld Review (NO SPOILERS, DON"T WORRY)

I watched a preview of Dramaworld. It seemed like a very interesting drama. I decided to watch a 15-minute segment. Okay, what should I say… I am sorry if I sound too negative, but I am very disappointed. The whole thing is totally American. The reason why I watch Korean dramas is because I want to get away from American TV. The last American movie I watched was Forrest Gump. I was so disappointed that I stopped watching American movies and shows altogether.

I expected a Korean drama with an interesting twist. Well, this is definitely not a Korean drama, it’s some kind of a very weird concoction that is difficult to watch.

Here are my complaints in order:

  1. Korean cameramen are way better than American cameramen. Compare 2 minutes of screen time from any Korean drama (even a poorly made one) to Dramaworld. The angles and the pace are completely different. Dramaworld reminds me of Chinese dramas - a viewer will fall asleep within 20 minutes of watching it, guaranteed.

  2. The dialogs are meaningless and long. Who wrote the script? I just looked it up… two guys! Well, most Korean drama writers are WOMEN. They understand what women want. Not only ten seconds of male torso in the shower, but interesting dialogs and unexpected twists of faith where the man is always willing to protect the girl.

  3. Liv Hewson is a wonderful actress, but… the whole acting team is a complete mismatch. There is no character development, nothing for actors to hold on to because all the characters are so shallow.

My advice for future VIKI productions:

  1. Hire a Korean writer who is a WOMAN. This is not sexism. Okay, maybe it is, but at least it will be interesting to watch.
  2. Hire Korean cameramen.
  3. Hire Korean directors.
  4. Hire Korean production crew.
  5. Hire just one American actress. That’s it. Actually, come to think of it, you don’t need any American actresses.
  6. Hire Lee Min Ho. As a cameo. Okay, just a picture on the wall will do.

Thank you.

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I dont think the drama is supposed to be a kdrama ? It was bot produced by koreans either? It is supposed to be a drama about kdramas not really a kdrama.

I know you are entitled to your own opinion so i respect it.But believe me there are some AWESOME chinese dramas out there that you missed. Also there are plenty of kdramas that suck.

I think the point of this drama is actually that the lead is an American who is addicted to dramas from a super different culture. It makes it much more interesting.
I never expecteded it to be awesome or very qualitative because they firstly do not have as much money as kdrama producers and secondly this was their first attempt.

Even though i agree that it could be better i do not think we should take it too seriously and appreciate the hard work. Believe me sometimes those awesome “korean women writers” mess up and create a big shit called drama. And there are plenty of korean male writers. Descendants was originally written by a man. If i come to think about it korean kdrama leads needs are very far from reality i have no idea how you come to say that the writers know what women want. A man grabbing their wrist and telling them what to do all the time? Yeaaaaaah

Lee min ho is pointless in this one.


Thank you very much for your reply. Please, don’t take my reply very seriously, because I am trying to be funny in a sarcastic way. Not sure if it’s working though.

I was a bit angry when I wrote my review. If I had some time to cool off, I would be more polite and less accusatory.

So, Descendants of the sun was originally written by a man? That figures! I was wondering why I hated that drama so much. I know, I know, it was hugely popular (with teen girls), but, unfortunately, I have a very sophisticated taste and I can’t be swayed by a couple of earthquakes in Greece A.K.A. Uruk. I thought Descendants was disgusting and a total waste of my time. Now I know the reason why.

Women writers know what women viewers want. We want to see a handsome guy who will do anything for a girl. Like ANYTHING. A guy who is protective, handsome, loving, caring, and gentle. And then he madly falls in love with her. :heart:

I only like Korean dramas. All other dramas (Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese) seem very boring to me. Sorry.

Lee Min Ho cannot be pointless. Ever. Especially in the shower scene. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I saw it as a parody of Korean dramas, not as a standalone drama.
I didn’t really like it, it was sort of flat.


I thought your original post was really funny!


No worries did not take it serious :slight_smile: You cant survive on viki if you do


What did you like in “Dramaworld”? What kept your attention?

Not sure if it is directed at me buut. I didnt take it serious. I approached the drama as a light funny “parody” like drama. So when i felt like i wanted to watch sth i did. The drama had many funny parts so i enjoyed watching sth that is over fast but you can still enjoy :smile:


It was a general question :slight_smile:
I didn’t really like it. I found it common, unoriginal. But other people loved it and I wanted their insights.

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First off all to me Dramaworld looks like a movie chopped into 10 pieces they call episodes so after the first two episodes I was like let’s just wait till it’s complete and then watch it in one go but I stopped about halfway. It lacks a good plotline and some things are so random I’m like what the… I died laughing when Siwon did his cameo but really it didn’t make any sense to me. Will finish watching it to have it over with.

Maybe I had to high expectations of Dramaworld but it’s a bit of a let down, would have been nice if it was more realistic in a way although it was supposed to be a comedy I think.


I am not sure I can say it here (I just don’t know the rules that well) but there is already a parody of Kdrama. It was made by MadTV. Unfortunately, it is more like a SNL rather than a Kdrama with a modern twist. Bobby Lee, a famous comedian, plays the heartthrob there. Even though it is not very interesting, it is a bit funny. I expected more from Dramaworld.

Not sure if you are familiar with Jane Austin’s stories, but there is a “spoof” on her romance novels, “Lost in Austin”. I can just picture “Lost in Kdrama” movie. I would love to write the script for that one.

yeah i heard of her books didn’t have a chance to read one yet. Haha what are you waiting for! You might consider sending it to viki :smiley:

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This is an affection homage more than a parody of k-dramas. it talks about the many cliches, but in a way that recognises them as part of why people love them.
It was nice to see a white character who had some acting chops. The fact that she had red hair and freckles didn’t hurt either. Personally I think We need more leads with freckles and red hair :slight_smile:
I thought that at times Sean Dulake delivered lines a little stiffly.
I’m afraid the guy who played lily hewson’s father was pretty bad.
Luckily he is not in much of it.
Overall I enjoyed it very much.

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:joy: I laughed too hard at this comment

I thought that was terrible, very tasteless and made by someone who didn’t even like or know Jane Austen novels.