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I love watching him hang out with Lee Minho! And sing! He is a really wonderful singer/actor! I need to watch his dramas!

LMH is so hilarious!. If you have not watched LMH films look for his utube channel. This is so fun to watch and he sings at the end! Chills! (he sings at 11:20 in but watch the whole fun video)
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He was fantastic in VAGABOND I highly recommend that one. I made a request way back but nothing came out of it, although they had made a page for it. Maybe licensing didn’t go through.

I’m not watching [MOUSE] bc the thought of seeing him in that kind of role pains/hurts me. HE IS, doing an awesome job in this hideous role by the comments and review I read, but I detest those types of roles so much bc they are merciless killers with no conscience, and I stay away from that. type of dramas. We are going through so much right now, and adding more sorrow into our ‘‘system’’ is totally ridiculous.
We need good energy wave in that brain and heart.

This is the time we need to see dramas with fighting and conquering evil. Romantic dramas changing the submissive daughter in law fighting to save her marriage from a domineering evil mother in law. They have a lot of dramas with betrayed wife and evil mistress. I already saw several k dramas like that, and even a Chinese one that who stays with the man? The second woman/mistress that knowing this was a married man destroyed a marriage, and left the children without their father at home.
Chinese movie Is [LITTLE BIG WOMEN]


He’s a better singer than actor, but I guess singers in that country don’t get the attention they deserve unless they are surgery inflated ‘‘idols’’


I stay away from the bad energy myself, who needs it, yup I never chose to put that one on my watch list.


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Just finished VINCENZO and Ok Taecyeon is just :fire::fire::fire:
If you didn’t watch it - It’s SO Good!


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He was added to Hottie Posse also from Vincenzo! Love him!
Kwak Dong-Yeon


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Oh and I am now all about Song Kang!

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Oh Lordy Have Mercy
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What on earth, is that real clothing, hmmm hmmm . . . that tee :tea: - :coffee: shirt :laughing:


When photoping was pinging, we had these model shots, and more from so many different country’s fan resources. :heart:


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There’s a meme for this, I just saw it yesterday. Let me find it, be right back. Here it is!

And the credit link: Korean Drama Memes and Quotes



kdrama2020ali . . .

I have fleece pants with this design! But he wears it better. I hate when men are prettier than I am.


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IMHO, male main characters in C-drama rom-coms–and the actors who portray them–have a bright and calm and confident aura that makes them appealing. And what I would call a sweetness of disposition that sucks you right in and makes you just sigh gently.

You end up watching twenty episodes of a C-drama rom-com in a row on a cloud and when the message gets flashed across the screen that the next episode will be available in FIVE days . . . THEN the handkerchief comes out and the wailing starts: “NOOOOO!”

I forget who the male lead is in My Little Happiness, but every time he joked with his girlfriend or looked sternly at her cousin or gently made some kind and thoughtful and firm decision . . . I could not help myself. I found myself constantly murmuring, “Wow, that is so sweet . . . that is so loving . . . that is so beautiful . . . that is so gentle and humble.”

That’s why I would rate My Little Happiness as THE BEST rom-com I have seen in the four or five years I’ve been a Viki member.