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I know there’s another link called Hottie Posse:

But! One more :thread: thread :yarn: makes everybody happy, and Joong Gi’s smile, tipped me over the edge to create it! So, enjoy, & share yours too! ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ (◔‿◔) (◕‿◕✿)

seo ji hye (@jihye8024) & 송승헌 songseungheon (@songseungheon1005)

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송승헌 songseungheon (@songseungheon1005)

송승헌 songseungheon (@songseungheon1005)


the idea here is too keep similar topics in one place, even the staff sometimes links them since there are already so many treads.


The “jump to” link comes in handy for the longer threads, but it’s not always visible on my end. It would be interesting to know if others encounter the disappearing link for the “jump to” in longer threads, and for the “reply” link too . . .

There should also be a “jump back” link instead of having to scroll back to go where one jumped from, especially in the threads that have seen much posts, and replies.

In such cases, a separate thread would be necessary. Or, putting in a control/guided function at the “New Topic” link, if that’s possible, for topics that are created, and can be linked.

So you do think both topics are similar?


It’s always good before posting a new topic to go to the search box, there all keywords related posts should pop up… it works I’d say 95% depending on what keywords you use. Old posts have a chance at reviving, it happens. :slight_smile: I’m not sure what jump to link is, do you perhaps mean the list below of the various topics and the most recent active on the top. Therefore use the search box, if that helps. - I think topic is similar if not same.

Also if you want skip the unread messages and go to the last update just use the arrow /blue line on the right to pull down, you can also jump to the beginning with arrow up.

My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?

Yep, you got the idea!