Dutch music



Wow, thanks. That will keep me busy for a while. :star_struck:


I will have to make some time soon, I know almost nothing of the musical scene of our dear neighbor country, the Netherlands. Except for Herman Van Ween he once sang the intro song of a children cartoon series with a little duck Alfred Jodokus Quak, at least the name in German, and Van Ween sang in German.


Good to see Maan & Meau in the list :blush:

Let me add some more:

This is the hiphop X orchestra edition, but the original is also really good (Dutch rappers).

Camille is a Belgian singer

Tabitha is a Dutch artist

Gers is a Dutch rapper

Suzan & Freek are a Dutch duo and Claude is a Dutch artist who sings in Dutch and French.


Herman Van Veen, you mean. :sweat_smile: His song Toveren is in the list. Feel free to add more.
His daughter Babette is a famous actress. She’s mostly known for her role as Linda Dekker in Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden. She also did some singing with her colleagues:

Here, it’s spelled as Alfred Jodocus Kwak, “kwak” being the sound a duck makes. Do German ducks say “quak”? :thinking:

And here, you can watch the series:


I can hear the song in my head without having to watch the video and I haven’t heard this song in years :joy:



Reminds me off :rofl::

But that aside I so liked Linda, Roos en Jessica back in the day and GTST was my favorite sitcom for many years, I even own the first CD and fanbook hahaha. Saw it pretty much from the very beginning but quit watching when the plotline got too ridiculous. To bad.

Let’s add Guus Meeuwis to the list:

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It’s the maybe wrong (German) pronunciation that let my type it wrong, can’t even argue that it might be a typo … LOL

Quak, quak, quak … Yes @leerla73
A song about the known story of the “Ugly Duckling”

Just looked it up, and I wrote Alfred Jodokus Quak, be patient with my memory that series ran on TV 32 years ago, but it seems we did use the Dutch version as well.


I know a singer, was not sure if she was from the Netherlands, but was right about it.
Ilse DeLange, from her project The Common Linnets - Calm After the Storm.
Sorry no link for now YT is a bit slow for me at this moment.

She joined German TV show “Sing meinen Song/ Sing my Song”, I know that there is a Dutch version as well.

P.S. I know lyrics are in English, but she is the only one from recent years I recall.


De beste zanger van Nederland


Ah, wat leuk dit! I’m going to add some songs, too!

Maaike Ouboter, she participated in a Dutch show called De Beste Singer-Songwriter. She didn’t win, but the song she auditioned with became a hit.

Eefje de Visser

Do you like musicals? Here is one with English subs :slight_smile: Note: If you’re going to watch it, there’s a small scene after part 14 without subs, but I think the context will be self-explanatory (is that the correct spelling?)

Veel kijk- en luisterplezier gewenst ::smiley:


Some Flemish singers:
Bazart made Dutch music hot again for teenagers

My personal favorite Flemish musician:


So much good music, everyone.

I enjoy that each of the musicians in that last video were playing “brood” versions of their instruments. :grin:



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