Edit: FOUND! Help Me Find this KDrama, Please!

I’m desperate to find a certain kdrama that I watched between 2010 to 2013 (I’m not sure the actual year it was produced, but probs in the same era as Boys over flowers and *Hi! School: Love On).

It has a female character that died close to the beginning of the show, I think her name was Yoo Rim (let’s call her yr for short). Yr was portrayed as the stereotypical long-dark-haired graceful person. Yr had a younger sister who had shorter hair.
The male lead liked yr and was devastated when she died. Years later, when yr’s younger sister grew up, the ML started developing feelings for her, without knowing she and yr were related.

One thing I remember about the show was that it had something to do with a milk/dairy company and a farm, I believe. There was also the infamous cup scene where yr’s sister crossed hands and drank with the second ML b/c the ML was taking time to confess his feelings for her.

This is all I can remember for now, hopefully I’m not mixing anything up. I really hope someone can help me find it- it’s driving me crazy :frowning:

Thank you!


So which one was it?
I remember one with Crystal and Rain, where he unknowingly fell in love with the little sister of his dead girlfriend.


It’s called Passionate Love (2013), with Sung Hoon, Seohyun and Choi Yoon Young.

Passionate Love kdrama wikipedia