Emotional dramas and movies from Asia


I’ve just read that the Turkish movie “7. Koğuştaki Mucize” was becoming a hit right now in other countries!

They did a remake of the Korean movie “Miracle in Cell No 7.” I didn’t know that other countries did remakes of Korean content (except Japan or China or well you know).

Has anyone watched “Miracle in Cell No 7”?

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I hadn`t heard of it so far. Is it on Viki?

I saw the Korean movie Miracle in cell no 7 when it came a few years ago. I’m a sucker for emotional content and loved this movie! I haven’t seen the Turkish remake yet. There are plenty other Korean movies that other countries did remakes on. US have done this plenty of times. To name a few remakes you have: Il Mare (the lake house), Old boy and My sassy girl. Korean movies are great!


I remember the time when MTV was broadcasting a lot of Asian horror movies. And indeed some of them had American remakes, like The Ring (リング).

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Yes! They like doing remakes on horror movies for some reason, haha. :smile:

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I don’t think it’s on Viki, I haven’t found it.
Oh yeah, horror movies, right!
The Ring is too brrr for me, I won’t sleep after!

There’s a post about remakes of popular dramas here:

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I watched The Ring (remake) at the cinema at the time, when I was living abroad, and I had to go home afterwards, late in the evening …

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Brr, I would have watched Disney just after!

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