Remakes of popular drama

You see it happen a lot that some drama gets a remake in an other country.

Like for example Itazura Na Kiss (Playful Kiss) not only does it have multiple drama adaptions in Japan itself it also has a Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and even a Thai version I found out today (and maybe I even forgot one. :joy: )
What do you think about remakes? Do you find it cool? Do you find it stupid they can’t think of something new and original? Do you often times find them better then the original or are they mostly a fail?

Let’s add a little poll just for fun.

  • Remakes are cool!
  • I hate remakes!
  • Some are good but most fail.
  • I mostly find remakes better then the original.
  • Can’t they be more original?!
  • Other…

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This topic is not to discuss the various remakes of popular drama but what people think about remakes on itself.

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yes remakes are cool
I love the remakes of mischievous kiss too
I have some other recommendations on amazing remakes like this post for amazing remakes

Talking of Itazura na kiss(which I love) does anyone have access to the indonesian version as I can’t find it anywhere! It’s called Cowok Impian and I really want to see it as I’ve seen all the other versions (I know lol) if anyone knows anything plz reply!! Xx

I think that first of all remakes are a compliment to the original, saying it is worth to be watched. It may also attract a new audience, who otherwise might never even have heard of the original.
Of course remakes can be done in a bad way, but that might still lure people towards the original.

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