Emotional Scenes

I’m I the only one who doesn’t cry at emotional scenes in dramas? Just me? I guess I’m weird lol

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I’ve come close in a couple of dramas but not physically cried. So you’re not weird just realistic. You know it’s just fiction.


lately I am like that too… I mean in the past I cried in every sad scene lol now even when a women looses her child I hardly cry. I feel weird :frowning:

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the only close encounter I had was rooftop prince, so glad I’m not the only one, viki comments make me feel like I’m heartless lol


I think I know what child incident you’re talking about and yeah I didn’t cry, I felt sad for her but didn’t cry lol. We can be weird together :slight_smile:


Lol. Tooottaaaalllllyyyyy right there with you all. I’ve lost that ability to cry, I think. It’s like, even if I cry while I’m watching a drama, it’s most likely because it reminds me of something much worse in real life and I’m crying for that, not for the actual events on screen. Most of the time, there might be a heartwrenching here, or that sour feeling there, but tears are hard to come by.

So I guess yea… we are all weird together.

You know I get tears in my eyes when it is very sad but I don’t actually cry. Before it happens my eyes get back to normal. No tears nothing. If I actually cry it’s because the OST is so beautiful :smiley:

thank god I’m not the only one. I swear in the timed comments people are always saying how they are crying and I’m just sitting there, feeling like I have no soul because my eyes are completely dry. :stuck_out_tongue:

I teared up slightly at the end of Secret Garden, and I think one tear might have fallen when watching Flower Boy Next Door (mostly because that drama hit really close issue to home). But besides that, nope!

lol but I should probably mention I watched those both during finals week so might have been the stress

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You are not weird at all :smile:
I am the same, no tears at emotional scenes.
But I can laugh out loud funny scenes :smile:

I watched 73 K-drama , and i still cry when it’s a sad or even a happy scene ! :’(

I’ve watched more than that and I’ve never cried, I just get sad though just no physical tears

Haha I only cry when I laugh too hard lol


Just a break to admiiittt lmao

Episode 7 of its okay that’s love. There is one scene that made me cry. Not very much but it made me cry lol I was surprised

Ah but all of ‘It’s ok that’s love’ is so poignant and the cast are portraying the parts so well.

Okay so now I have to admit that the ending of episode 15 of It’s okay that’s love actually made me cry. The episode was emotional all through out but that scene just sealed it for me, at least now I can say one drama made me cry even if it was just for a little bit

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It’s very hard to keep the tears back with this wonderful drama. The script, the actors, the music, all perfect. I’m so busy admiring how well all concerned have delivered on this I’ve held in the tears as don’t want to miss a moment.

that drama is easily making it into my favorite list, I feel like its gonna be my go to drama from now on. Every aspect of it is just amazing and everyone did such a great job, I cant wait to see the ending even though I don’t want it to end at all. And it is hard to hold back the tears, today I just gave in :frowning:

Me too. I don’t really tear up when watching dramas (I normally only tear up when I read sad stuff) BUT THE LAST SCENE OMG WHEN DID KYUNGSOO’S ACTING GET THAT GOOD O.O

Soooo i didn’t shed a tear for months now and just tried watching " Can you hear my heart" after @b2utybubbles recommended it to me…

Episode 4 just made me so freaking sad i cried a river. Seriously not just tears but real crying. Acting was awesome i am still amazed about those scenes… making me cry like a little kid :frowning:

GAHHHH!!! your watching it YAYYYYY!!! rkuasdhkhf!! didnt it make you cryyyy omg isnt it amazing!!? T.T wait, which part made you cry?? im so glad your watching it!!! gahhhh talk to me about it when you see the episodes so we can cry and spazz together. i couldnt wait to have you see this one! but thats just the begining. wait until you get farther into the episodes T.T x.(((( i thought i was gonna collapse of tears and a broken heart omg. i thought i was actually dying from crying so much. the acting is amazing im glad you agree so totally great.