Empress Ki - The frustration is real

Hello guys,

I just started Empress Ki and right now I saw the 3 first episodes.
I have no idea how to use spoilers here, so please try to not look or to not get spoiled if you want to watch this drama and didn’t see the very beggining right now.

Also don’t spoil in next comments please ~

So in the first episode we see that wedding and this guy crying and then we meet what’s looks like these too characters and the girl concerned by this wedding.
And the situation is like “we know the futur or what’s look like it” but we can’t be sure of that and also in my case, I really don’t want that !

So right now I got frustrated so bad, this drama is 51 episode long and so I can’t know the truth fast, I have to pass through every thing…
I’m getting mad at the moment I’d say !

If anyone got something to help would be really great, or if you can chat without spoiler to give me the will to pass through all the incoming adventures of this drama, I’d be very grateful !

Anyway, thanks for reading my frustration, feels a bit better now ~~


Would it help to tell you that the scene from the beginning occurs again somewhere in the middle? There’s a lot more to the story after that.

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Oh so it’s not like the preview of the bad ending of doom that would have made me insult the writter ~~
Thanks, I’m going to try to watch with calm til I get to this wedding so I can understand T.T

Have a nice day ! ~

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Oh I’m also watching it. I think I left at episode 35. So that scene didn’t occure yet. You have a lot more to watch till its comming.

Even though it’s so long, it’s really worth watching it. My friend also watched this and she loved it. I thinkt there was no episode, where it wasn’t thrilling and interesting.

Keep watching it! There will be a lot fascinating moments!! :smiley:

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Yeah, I started watching when it was airing (as a newbie to k-drama, I didn’t realize there were shows with so many episodes) and left it to finish, because I couldn’t handle the suspense, but it’s a great drama. I also made it to 30-something.

the story is awesome…must watch…anyway the beginning scene will be also in last episode ( because then that will happend) is worth watching anyway

haha thank you! im now at episode 41 and its so thrilling ;D

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this might be late but the drama is awesome, and you might be pissed now but as you watch on it all makes sense and your feeling will slowly change, you would probably forget about that marriage scene until it is brought up again

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I watched it while it was airing. I had lots of frustrated moments. Not because of the story, but because it was so good I hated waiting a week for the next episodes to air. In my opinion it is one of the best written historical dramas I’ve seen. It has twists, it has great moments, it was sad, it was irritating… basically it had everything. Every episode is epic and you can’t miss any. I believe it’s well worth all the frustration. Keep in mind, this was based off a real story with some added drama. What I can tell you without giving away any spoilers is that, you shouldn’t “expect” anything, just watch it with an open mind.

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The best sageuk in my oppinion. Please be patient, in the end you would want more eps. I was also frustrated and wanted to know beforehand, but I had patience and wasn’t dissapointed at all.
Great cast and great story. All my admiration for the actors and the writers.

The actors are fantastic. Soon you will feel you really know the characters, for their behaviour is always coherent and understandable.Things may not always happen as you’d like, but when looking back after having watched the whole drama, you’ll see that even the end was very well thought. It does have a good balance of fun, drama and suspense. I hope you enjoy it.

Where can I watch it

It’s a wonderful historical drama, you have to be patient for the story to develop, I used some tissues and all actors delivered brilliantly. Too bad Viki doesn’t have it :frowning: I think the OST is awesome too!!

Would be awesome if viki could had Empress Ki. Does anyone if there is a recommendation/request list for viki?

Of course it is available elsewhere. Google is your friend.
Search for “Empress Ki watch online English subs”


To hide spoilers, first select the respective text and then click or tap the gear icon up top. It’s the first one from your right. Click or tap, “Blur Spoiler.” That’s it. You’re good to go.

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Thanks @adrianmorales, good suggestion.

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I concur with Bjohnsonwong - that scene is not in the end, it’s perhaps about 2/3 of the way through the drama. Empress Ki is a lot of fun. One of my top five ALL time favorite villains is there, El Temur. That guy…makes our Emperor cower…from his about what, 6’2" height down …way down. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Another amusing thing about this show is some people magically get “lighter hair” and larger armor lol.

Sigh. If that showed up here, I’d volunteer on that one. :slight_smile: Oh yeah. In a heartbeat. :slight_smile:

Untouchable Crunchy Dueling Qianlong Donuts of the Bamboo Grove Sword Dance…

Kdrama Empress Ki possibly available soon on Viki. Keep an eye on the coming soon section in the next days…
Fighting to all!


Oh good news travels fast, thanks @karmelina!:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Empress Qi is a memorable drama with great actors and great cinematography, I was always missing this one on Viki, please Viki be kind and share this great drama with us and hopefully not only for Americas :pray::pray::pray: