Empress Wu Mei Niang 武媚娘

I have been searching all over for episodes of this series featuring Fan Bing Bing, and in the process I noticed that not a lot of people can find episodes, or subtitled versions. Someone even stated. “I wish Chinese Dramas as good as this were subtitled as quickly as Korean Dramas.” I had a hard time searching for these episodes too, and the only subtitled versions I found were in Vietnamese. I do understand the story Wu Ze Tian, and I do speak Chinese, but historical/period dramas like this can be a struggle for me, and sometimes even my older sibling who majored in Chinese Literature. I just wish Viki was as popular with Chinese dramas like they are with K Dramas.

I’ve been searching all over, too!! It boggles my mind that one of the biggest and most popular Chinese dramas of the year is so hard to find!!

I would really like to watch that drama. Maybe you can contact the channel manager of the drama and start a campaign to ask people to send a form (https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/) to get the drama licensed. That’s how it works, people ask viki to get dramas they want to see.

Hope it helped :slight_smile:

I put in a request!
The taiwan raws are out too.I’d love to help sub if they end up getting a channel for it.

Prob one of the best period dramas to ever come out of china!

This is 武媚娘传奇 Empress of China, right?
Because then, there’s technically a fan channel for it: The Empress of China

The channel’s pretty empty, but if you found people to upload (if you go the route of a fan channel), segment, translate, etc. maybe the show will get subbed. Of course, you can send in title requests, but Viki doesn’t have many recent Chinese titles(?).