[ENDED] THE SWINDLERS (Movie) WP - SATURDAY 9:15 PM IST/ 4:45 PM CET/ 10:45 AM ET/ 8:45 AM MT


Just wanted to celebrate the end of my exams… and see what its like to hold a watch party :sweat_smile:

Here’s the link for THE SWINDLERS>


Any thing is fine, i will try to jump in if I finish my work and my team are thinking to hold one wp on Sunday afternoon


So Midnight Runners won. We could watch The Swindlers if I’m up for it after Midnight Runners :grin: Why not just make it a movie marathon lol


Saturday 6:30 pm!
Count me in!


If i can wake up that early. I’ll be there! Really good show


Is there any change in timings?
If you are not holding it now, please tell me.


Okay, here’s the link:

Starting in a few minutes :smile:


I’m so sorry, I had a Wifi issue for some time… :grimacing:


i started subbing just now! will join


ENDED. Thanks for joining, everyone!

It was too short, lol. I’m hosting THE SWINDLERS at 10:45 AM ET, for anyone who’s interested.


I might come and stay for a while.


Cool! See you if possible!