Eng Subs showing up in Spanish

I’m trying to watch My Love from Another Star and there’s this weird bug where all of the subtitles are appearing in Spanish. I’ve checked twice and I have English selected both times.

It’s not a bug. That’s what we call “abusers”, people that invade the subtitles and edit them without asking the channel manager or the moderators, causing such a ruckus. They’re not used to the subtitle editor, so they mix the subtitles. It’s not on purpose (most of the times), they just don’t know they shouldn’t do it. Most of them stop after we send a pm explaining the situation ^^

Unfortunately, that hinders the team’s work… the editors have to restore all the previous subtitles again and that takes some time.


YEah as luzvedo said is normally "abusers"or people that find the Spanish subs closed so they start in the english as they are being done, or edit, if you saw it as a bug that means you have seen it in many dramas, can you imagine what is for us that have to deal with that all the time…?
But most of the times they are new vikians that want s to help but they don’t know how, so normally is not intentional.