English Editor looking for a project

Experienced English Editor looking for projects. Please send me a PM if your project needs an Editor. I am a Ninja grad, QC and PS.


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I am the manager of the new Korean drama under the title “Misty” and I’m looking for edutor,segmenteur and translators who can translate from Corean to English, if you are interested in attending this drama, please leave me a message.

bepina <3

Please tell me how many episodes are in this drama.

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“Misty” is a January 2018 broadcasting, a JTBC production which is not always easy to get licensed…
you can also look at coming soon licensed projects and ask there or look for open projects in project finder… and ask the team.If you are in US there are also the Kocowa content that need folks… good luck.


I still do not know but should not be less than 16

I’m looking for -Translation Editor(s). Whether you are interested ? are you ok?

I am a grammar editor (I clean up subtitles after the translation editor finishes his/her work).

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If you are interested in working on the Drama of Mysti, please feel free to contact me. :wink:

Yes, put me on the team. Will the team have an English Translation Editor, too? If so, I will introduce myself and coordinate with that person.

If you have preferred editing guidelines, please send me links to your subtitling and editing guides, otherwise I will use standard Viki guidelines.

Thanks for inviting me to join the team. I look forward to working with everyone.


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You are registered in the Translation Editor (s), you can contact the Shief editor and the editor with whom you will work together, if you need help please feel free to contact me, I am at your service