English learning material


I have been looking for reliable English learning material like books or websites to study different subjects such as vocabulary and grammar.

(@irmar my old computer died, so the material you shared with me is lost. Do you have perhaps something to suggest for me and also some tips?)

I am looking into specialized vocabulary like expressions and common words used in different themes like:

  • economy
  • politics
  • legislation
  • society matters
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Thank you very much, @mirjam_465

Have you ever tried a Coursera course? I have never tried so I was wondering how it was!

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Yes, I have experience with both FutureLearn and Coursera. FutureLearn has very strict deadlines for non-paying users, but Coursera is a lot more flexible: there are deadlines, but in most cases you can just refresh them when you run out of time.
If you go to the course page of a Coursera course and click on syllabus you can watch the videos without even being registered. The reading materials are only available if you register though. Sometimes some things (like quizzes) are only for paying users, but most of it is available for all users.

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Ooh thank you for your review! I will take a look for sure!

Do you know if all the materials are unlocked at the same time or we have to wait each week?

The exact rules can depend on the course, but usually you have access to everything at once. If you don’t finish in time and have to refresh the course you sometimes can only see the first week until your official new start date (usually a week later).