English on Viki vs English on other drama websites

It depends on the sentence, the scene and the accent on which action :slight_smile:
2 websites:
One says a synonym of mount = get on the horse: 1
One says a synonym of ride = mount: 2

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I guess most people do get on a horse with the intention to actually ride it …


I’ve never come across the phrase “I’m mounting a horse” in reference to the person riding the horse. They will say that phrase when they are in the action of getting on the horse, not to describe the action of making it move and guiding it.

The thing with synonyms is that they are slightly different because they are used in different contexts. They aren’t always interchangeable because of their nuanced meanings. However, that is what makes English fun


I found lots of spelling mistakes in English subs on Netflix as well as Viki, but we are only human and can only do our best. I like to work with another Translation Editor as we can catch what each other has missed.

I don’t know anything about German subs, although my hubby is part German.

I think the more shows to watch is better, rather than worrying about the quality of subs. I’m always so grateful to understand a show, rather than worrying about the editing, unless I’m directly responsible. Then I do my conscientious best :smiley:


That was just an example: “I’ll help you mount the horse,” which means get on the horse.

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I rather like the Viki translations better than other websites. Actually, I have come across words that I haven’t seen before or never really knew the definition of until I saw them in subtitles and looked them up.

What I also like about Viki translations is that there are explanations for some phrases that are culture exclusive (aka oppa, sunbae, etc.) that don’t have a direct translation. NF doesn’t have that, and the translations aren’t always what the characters are saying. However, as irmar said, it depends on the target audience. In the end, there is some fluidity in translation.


There is a place on Viki to report the quality of subs. It’s the comments/discussion section. The CMs read this section and reply to you if they are proficient enough in your language.

  1. The CM has to be active and read the comments section.
    After a certain number of projects, it is complicated to check for them on each page.

I don’t think the comments section is the best place to point out this problem.

And I think managers don’t know every language. If the comment is in a language he doesn’t understand, he will never know.

  1. Some people can’t assess the quality or don’t know it’s mistranslation or it was like that.
    Some people don’t care about the edition.

So it’s no use telling them to care about the edition, they don’t care.
It’s also no use telling them what is wrong, some of them feel hurt, have their ego bruised and get angry.

Dialogue is not possible in some cases.

  1. I don’t remember well the report I did on Netflix for the quality problem (subtitles for this language) so I don’t remember if I did a false report, my account would have been suspended?

If it exists on Viki, there should be:

  • a false report in quality = ban of the account or temporary suspension or no drama to manage or moderate or something
  • a button just for this problem of quality in the subtitles.

It might be severe, but I don’t know how else we can do actually.

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Thanks for your insight!

I don’t know the scene or the drama.
I think if the scene was something like that and it was translated like that:

I’ll teach you how to mount a horse.
I’ll teach you how to ride a horse.

It could be debattable.
If in the original language, there’s an equivalent or there is 1 word for each word and we hear the word, the choice is easy. But if there is no equivalent or the word in the original language could both have different meaning, it’s a choice.

If it’s a drama about learning horse riding or a scene where we zoom on the guy mounting a horse, in the first case, it could be 1 or 2, in the second case, 1. So for an editor, I can understand why he won’t change it.

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When I made this topic it was mainly because I was fascinated that English has much more words and expressions than I knew. English is a very wide language and the fact that a lot of words that I saw there that I don’t see on Viki (probably) just made me realize how wide English actually is.

About the expression ‘mounting a horse’, that wasn’t in the subtitle, but the word ‘horse’ was replace with ‘mount’, which made it unfamiliar to me.

You asked me what drama I’m watching, it’s The King’s Doctor aka Horse Docter.
Warning: Don’t eat while watching this drama.


:grinning: I love discovering new ways to tell something. In books or articles, I always discover a new way to make a sentence or new words and I find their style of writing really beautiful. Such diversity and so many nuances! Yup!

When I read books in my language, I discover new words, too.

If you like reading, you can find books written in English on a topic you like and while reading, you can note down words or expressions you don’t know. I try to do that because I have a bad memory.

Thanks for the explanation and thanks for the title, I have never watched it :slight_smile:

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I just looked it up and it turns out to be restricted in my area. I thought we lived in the same country? :thinking: Or is this one of those KOCOWA shows?

She said she watched it (or is watching it? I forgot) on another website, that’s how she found that English subtitling style or vocabulary was different than what she’s used to see on Viki (that’s how the topic of comparison between websites was born I guess).


Ah, now I get it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

In highschool we had to read books in Dutch (my mothertongue), French, English and German. During my studies I also read books in Swedish and Norwegian. But nowadays only Dutch and English, cause books in other languages are hard to get (Swedish and Norwegian are not available here at all).
Oh, and I have a few bilingual Korean books for language learners.

But anyways, I agree with you that reading is great for your language skills. Not just for learning new words, but also cause it helps you to start thinking in the other language.

Right now I’m reading one in English: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee.

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So many languages! It’s a chance!
In college or high school, I’ve never got to learn so many languages! I would have liked to!

Oh yeah, reading and writing are good!

Your book rings a bell. I am sure I have never read it though. Is it about a North Korean that succeeded in leaving NK? I don’t remember…

For the moment, I am reading a piece from here and here:

I’ve discovered this book while watching a vlog from Jenn Im. So far, I have noted down some words for more vocabulary and highlighted some ideas that I found interesting. For the moment, I like the book because it makes me think.

Not a long time ago, I read Greek myths about complexes in French (Phèdre from Racine, Médée from Corneille) = theatre plays with rhymes, lots of metaphors and old words lol. It’s the perfect vocabulary for tragedy, passion and also reasoning. They’re really good at it.

I always find another book to begin, then my mood changes, then I want to read another genre. Too many interesting things and ideas to read or discover.

I was back in Chinese transmigration novel translated in English: the girl is reading a novel then she literally enters the novel that happens in a past era. She can foresee the future thanks to her mobile phone that was brought along with her. She gets acquainted with the male lead who falls in love with her. And so she changes the plot of the novel.

Yes, crazy story. For the vocabulary I think it’s the descriptive ones (the thing we miss in dramas), but the English translation is not done by a native, so there are instances I am thinking: this is not how it should be written for grammar and finally, it is also a good training for reviewing and it makes me look for the grammar point or how to use a word.

I’m waiting for next week’s novel I’ve discovered during this quarantine: a dark fantasy book PG 19 at least in French
This is really good with a demon huntress (she’s the daughter of an angel and a demon) and another demon (like he’s OP with all qualities of demons). It’s a world with the demonic and angelic sides. Both sides have 7 subspecies that are classified according to the 7 deadly sins and the 7 cardinal virtues. (It’s borrowed from religion). Both of them fall in love. Not only a romance, the arc with murders and the identity of the mastermind behind it was good.
The sequel is for next week, so great expectations :slight_smile:

The thing for vocabulary: not much, but for the content. And looking for these 7:7 in English!

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Ah, no, it’s kind of a historical novel about a Korean family in Japan. Well, it starts in Korea, in the time of Japanese occupation. A young Korean woman gets pregnant by a married man and then another man, who happens to live in Japan, offers to marry her and raise her child as his own. So she moves to Japan and starts a life there.

I also had Latin in highschool and there we also learned about Greek myths (even though they didn’t actually teach us Greek, haha).

There have been times in my life that I had 1 book that I was reading in bed, 1 book that I was reading when I was up and 1 book I read in bus or train. Nowadays I read mostly in bed.

Sounds great. :slight_smile:

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I just watched a drama on Viki where they used the word conjecture. Normally, it would not get my notice, except that we were discussing the vast amount of words/expressions in English.

A mount used as a noun can be anything you ride, such as a bicycle, or in video games, your mount could be a flying dragon, raptor or a machine.

King’s Doctor: A medical drama set near the end of the Joseon dynasty about Baek Gwanghyeon, a horse doctor who rises to become the royal physician. It’s available on Viki in Canada and does not have international languages, only English.


The title is wider than what she meant. She meant what you understood, she was talking about the lexicon. So you were right to focus on that, you replied on what she wanted to discuss.
I just took advantage of the title to expand on what in my opinion is the MAIN difference of Viki from other drama websites.

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Ooh I see, did they make a movie?
I will find it hard for me to read it if it’s about the Japanese occupation, a period where they suffered. How is the story for the moment for you?

Me too! But I’ve realized I don’t read with the same eyes many years later. Feelings are not the same anymore, feels like it’s another book or I am another reader xd

:beach_umbrella: almost paaaaradise :drooling_face:
Share some of your book list somewhere!! I would love to discover the books you enjoyed!

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