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what happened to the subs on Prince hours? I know they completed, just wanted to watch again, so disappointed!!

Do you perhaps watch with Roku?

yes I did, thats why I came here to see if there was a problem, I went to the page here and its the same thing! from episode 4 on, no subs.here either. I liked this one a lot when I watched it here on Viki.

At the Help Center there were a few complaints that’s why I guessed it. Wait I will have a look if I find Viki’s advice on it.

Found it, here it is:



  • Today at 11:17

Hi there!

We were having some issues which we believe have been resolved. Please log out and back in before trying again.

If you still face issues thereafter, please let us know!


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thank you!

nope for viki & roku

So it’s not working?
The last time it happened in April Viki needed 1-2 days to solve the problem. Hope it will be fixed sooner this time.
Good luck!

ok and thanks

Hi. Prince Hours used to have hardsubbed videos therefore we considered it completed after segmenting was done.

However (I don’t know when I had to check myself) Viki has changed all episodes with raw videos and without subs too. We are starting from scratch again. We are working on each episode now…

@1%of Something team subbers, PLEASE, can we get subs on that last episode? Episode 16, is 1% subbed, and maybe that is a toss off to the 1% title, but since I am struggling hard to learn Korean, help an older gal out, please. And THANK YOU!!! Love the KDramas and a few Taiwan Dramas.

I just posted today on this post, there is all the information for you to understand about the work status of the volunteers.

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I just noticed they got episode 4 almost ready, english subs. yeaaa!

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