English Team and Limits?

This is just a loose question that I decided to ask, because I am very curious about other users opinion, about English teams, their work, and fluidity. I would like to know whether, in your opinion, members of English teams such as editors, for example, should have any limits imposed? The number of projects they can take part in, just like moderators? Should something be changed? Or maybe the way it is now perfectly seems the result? I would love to hear any opinion.

Usually editors are added as moderators. Although this has been changing lately.
Of course they should have a limit too! Even more than moderators who don’t edit.

Please don’t put ideas into Viki’s head… :wink: Things we suggest usually get implemented in a quite different way than we had intended (or not at all). Fact is that there are not that many people who can do the job (decently). More restrictions is only going to cause problems. Limits might be needed in some cases, but they should be flexible. Let the CM decide per case instead of letting Viki make all of our work even harder.