Epic dramas (top-notch martial art scenes)


I’m looking for awesome martial art scenes from dramas. I’m a lover of these scenes :heart_eyes:

When I was a child, I watched The Legend of the Condor Heroes (version in 1983, I think, I’m really not sure which version it is). I was looking for the title for everywhere because I forgot the title but I could remember characters’ faces and it was these faces!
(Picture here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Legend_of_the_Condor_Heroes_(1983_TV_series)


And there was the woman who was her master and teached her disciple about martial art in a cavern. The disciple was sick? Someone did some jutsu to him when he was young so his power was less strong. And they fall in love but something came up. There were some flying martial art scenes!

I just really enjoyed this series when I was young! I always wanted to sleep later just to watch it with adults but well, my parents didn’t let me xd

But while reading this article on Wiki, I just found that it is a trilogy!!! I don’t know if I watched them all??

I’m also fond of Ip Man, 36th chamber of Shaolin, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Ong Bak.
There was also a drama where the guy was doing drunken martial art, but I don’t know if it’s 36th chamber of Shaolin or from another drama?? I really have a bad memory and it’s been a really long time I didn’t watch these movies again.

I didn’t finish Detective Dee but I liked the beginning with suspens, a case to resolve, the era, fighting scenes!
I just watched ep 1 of General and I, but I didn’t catch who was who, what was happening there and the female lead seems… not what I would have imagined from the preview?
I didn’t watch Red Cliff yet but my relatives told me that it was amazing!!
I’m thinking of watching Mulan the movie, I really like this kind of strong female lead.

Do you have recommendations for epic dramas with really good martial art scenes?

(I didn’t finish burrying the coldness from winter :D)

Sword of Destiny
Four, Lawless Kingdom, Kingdom of Blood (Chinese trilogy)
Forbidden Kingdom
House of Flying Daggers

the drunken martial art movie might be Legend of Drunken Master with Jackie Chan

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