Episodes not showing on old shows

LOL, yeah! Hidden techies rise.

Cleaned cookies, etc. Checked on Firefox and Google Chrome and “Madame Antoine” loads on neither. Now, it’s time for the pros to take over.

Have a great day ladies.


@jeslynl we tried our best, but we didn’t find the problem, so maybe Viki’s pro techies can look into it.

(Sorry for the delay; I was away from my desk.)

Yes, I use Firefox. US location.

device and OS are needed too

Desktop, and Ubuntu for the OS.

LOL I had Ubuntu too, but some time ago and never found another Viki user when looking for one, now I am back with W10 for some practical reasons. Sometimes I really miss it.

At moments like these, I get very nostalgic for Windows, lol.

… after Win XP “died” I didn’t want to deal with the other options Microsoft was offering, I really hated what they had tried to sell, so I started using Ubuntu.

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After getting some extra time, I’ve finally submitted a request at the Help Center for my issue.

Yeah, I’m in a similar situation. Issues with Windows keep driving me back to Ubuntu.

can you use any browser with Unbutu or is one built in and what version of Unbutu are you using? Do you use it from a storage or it’s saved on your pc? Just curious, I hate W 10!!

I do no longer use it it’s neon_pumpkin you should ask.

The episode issue seems to be fixed now. Awesome. Thanks to whoever did that.


As to your questions

Firefox is the de fact “default” browser for Ubuntu, but Chromium is another popular one. (Others exist, but I haven’t tried them.)

Windows 10 kept croaking on me, so I erased it completely and replaced it. Dual booting wasn’t possible for me, unfortunately.

Since you’re curious, you should know that Ubuntu does have a learning curve. I’d recommend researching the OS a lot if you’re interested, as not all software/hardware is compatible with it.

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