Episodes not showing on old shows


There’s a problem with Go Go Squid channel, some episodes can’t be watched by some viewers for around a week now:
Ep 11, 38, 41. https://www.viki.com/tv/36059c-go-go-squid

Please take a look in comments and videos.

I can watch these episodes without problem on computer.

@mariliam @jeslynl @vikicommunity

I already sent different messages to Viki:
PM (mariliam): https://contribute.viki.com/messages/inbox/7845804thr
Ticket: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/requests/1298574
Help Center: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360049800214-Go-Go-Squid-can-t-watch-ep-11-38-and-41

I don’t know whether it is the case or no for other old channels.



It seems they are re-uploading the episodes for certain dramas. Some have a date displayed when they’ll be re- uploaded and available for everyone.

It is just a matter of time…
I wonder whether they are uploading a better HD version or a new version :thinking:

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It is weird.
I tried to watch yesterday and today, it worked for me.
However for viewers, these ep don’t work. The last post on this matter was about 2 hours ago.

The current version is a reviewed version, some scenes have already been cut a few moments after it was first aired and at that time, I had been informed after it was changed that it would be changed (?) and I had to go through them x2 because I noticed 1 subtitle has been changed by Viki staff without informing me.

I hope it doesn’t mean every ep has to be checked again because of time syncing or censorship, I have lost +100 hours on this already.

Moreover, I haven’t been informed.


Hi there @piranna,

Thanks so much for raising this up! We are investigating. Feel free to add more details here if more channels or episode examples are found.



Hi guys,
I noticed with the most recent shows I’ve watched that I can start the drama no problem but when it gets to a certain episode, it won’t play. This started on my iPad coincidentally after an update but my Samsung tablet was still playing all the episodes. I didn’t realize it was a version issue until I updated that tablet too and now it’s having the same error message and won’t play. My phone hasn’t been updated and I can still watch all episodes there without issue. I’ve sent a report to support on the 1st of September and yet to get a reply from them.

Thanks for your responsiveness!

Sure, will inform you if I notice other similar cases. The comments section has been useful to detect this kind of problem, because I can’t reproduce it on my side from my computer.

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Thanks for the info!

There seems to be a coincidence in time between the comments about episodes not working and your update of the app (1 week)?

I don’t use the app and have been on computer when I checked that.

Maybe you can add in the request you sent the dramas titles you were watching so they can take a look on these channels.
Which dramas couldn’t you watch?
By any chance, do you perhaps remember which episode(s)?


FYI, got a message from Joreen working at Viki Help Center less than 6 hours ago, saying that their engineers have fixed the issue for my request.
They added that I should try to log out and log back in before trying again.

I haven’t tried on app because I don’t use the app, but these ep are still working on computer right now.
I will wait and see if people post again that these ep don’t work for the meantime.

I am not sure it works for you now. In case you still have this issue, you can contact them again or post it here while tagging Mariliam or ask Joreen.


Hi Piranna! Thanks for the info. I will try the log out advice on my iPad when i get home later and see if that works, i will give an update here on the result. I will try contacting support again if it’s not fixed and tag your contacts mentioned in your post. Thanks again!

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Just thought to update. All devices are able to play episodes again. Only issues are place holding in episodes but this is negligible compared to our previous issue. :grin: I’m a happy camper again now that it’s sorted out and I can continue to get my drama fix! Thanks to all for your theories, suggestions and advice. :raised_hands:

A glitch happens with this show: https://www.viki.com/tv/29584c-madame-antoine

Episode 2 and Episode 14 of the drama Madame Antoine do not show up. There is a black screen with the message, “Sorry. There was an error loading this video”, and a button that, when pressed, takes me back to the homepage.

This issue persists after logging out, then back in, as well as after deleting cookies.

Other users in the comments (below the reviews) seem to be experiencing a similar glitch.

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Is it still there?
For me it works but it might depend on your device, browser, app, whatever you use …
Sometimes simply reloading the page helps as well, not always though.

Yes, it’s still there.

Reloading hasn’t helped, unfortunately.

What device are you using? System? Browser?
I use a laptop, win10, mozilla firefox and it runs fine.


I checked on my laptop computer (Windows 8.1 / Google Chrome) and Roku app for Smart TV and episode 2 of “Madame Antoine” is not available.
Episode 2 does not load on my Adroid, using the Viki app.

I have not checked all episodes of “Madame Antoine” but episode 1 works on laptop, Roku, and Android app.

Does anyone of you have Mozilla Firefox to try?
I don’t know if it’s a location thing either I am in Germany.
Will check the episodes one more time.
Check and works - those two mentioned 2,14

I don’t have Firefox, sorry. I’m in the USA.

No worries, we will need neon_pumpkin’s reply then …

Just downloaded Firefox and episode 2 does not load. I’ll clear my cookies, etc. logout and reload and check again.

Okay, if not maybe some updates in the past 2 days or so?
Why do I feel we need to go to the bottom of this problem?
Are we the hidden techies of Viki?