Errors in the mail and my inability to change the language


Hello everybody,
First, I would like to ask everyone about mail errors if this only happens to me !!!
Write the message and when I send it to the person concerned I find it sent to another person I did not specify! What is it, Viki?

Secondly, since yesterday, I cannot see the percentage of translation in my language, and I only depend on English, whatever I do. I tried all the usual methods after the last update which was working fine but now it is not working and it is useless.

I could change my language to my page when I open a video that I convert into Arabic and the page will automatically be converted to it, but what is the matter now? It became stressful and annoying to know how the translation progressed for my teams.

Also this happened to my friend a month and a half ago and it has not been solved yet. Does it include Arabic only or is it a prelude to abolishing it, Viki Community team?

Please solve the problem as soon as possible so that we can finish our projects on time and without delay for the fans.
@camiille @amyk @vikicommunity


I haven’t experienced any unusual issues with the mail/message system on Viki. If this continues for you, I think you should contact Viki Help. I doubt if they read all the many posts on here.


thank you, dear
I did it & wait for a solution :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: