I don’t know how much % of the drama is about esports. Maybe its focus is a romance though since it says romance comedy as genres.

The WM of Fortnite was last weekend. A teenage boy won $ 3 million.

In duo team mode 2 Europeans won (so each of them has around 1-2 millions now, at age 16/17)

The participants of the WM got each 50 000 $

This is the live stage in NYC

One team owner for another game is recently building an own stadion for game®s.


I hope so. I mean, why even add it on Viki otherwise? I’m already confused over those strange FC Barcelona videos. And if you’re going to do it, you’d better offer some romance or a plot to tie it up.

Don’t expect your personal taste suits everyone or represents everyone.

Romance - in general - is terrible boring (for me) since it is always the same. X meets Y and then it’s either a happy end or a tragic end. Not special at all.

What makes a romance story special or interesting are the circumstances.

You are admiring SK but you ignore a core aspect of their modern culture: gaming. They were the first who make eSports (and certain games) great because Western nations had all the prejudices against games & gaming in general (and some are still like that). Kpop idols aren’t less weird - to outsiders - than eSports. Show a typical Kpop idol or band to some adults and the answer will probably be something like that: These lolitas look all underage. Not like real women.

Soccer can’t be compared to gaming in the way that those who become soccer players are just a small number that is lucky enough to get in touch with the right people while a pro gamer or a gamer who wins a WM (like it’s written in the article) can be a 17 year old teen. The 5th place was won by a 13 year old boy: 900 000 $

They need a PC, internet and skill. And - depending on the game - they need to be better than thousands or millions of other players. So it is quite different from the few people/country who became soccer players.

The community interaction is also different. You can meet pro gamers online on the regular servers. You can play with and against them. Many are also streaming, at least from time to time, so the contact is much more direct.

When you visit a soccer game you may just be involved as a fan who thinks this or that club is cool. When you’re a gamer you usually play the game by yourself, means you know how the game is and feels like. That’s what makes it interesting.

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My personal taste?! This platformed is owned by Rakuten Viki, who has chosen to add Asian dramas mainly focused of couples. Of course, there are other genres as well, but this is the main focus when you consider the thousands upon thousands of similar shows. This is the reason why I’m subscribed to Viki, So, Yes, I suppose it’s my personal taste.

Because it’s clearly your personal taste, not mine, and that’s perfectly alright. It’s OK if you find romance to be boring. The moment you load up the Viki homepage, however, you’ll see a couple kissing. Frankly, I recommend Twitch and YouTube for pure videos that are focused on video games.

On an actual personal note, why are you so against me? Everyone has his or her personal choices, yet you make it sound as though I’m some selfish person whose choice is law. Viki decides, not me. I like their catalogue of dramas, but you don’t. Fine. Don’t treat me like this, though. Sheesh… :pouting_cat:

Why are you so aggressive just because someone doesn’t like the same genre you do?

You are even complaining that VIKI provides dramas that are not related to your favourite topic. You appear as if you’re afraid they could steal your romance spots away. So you are the one having a problem, not me.

Another aspect that you don’t seem to understand is that gaming and game related topics is a part of many people’s lives around the world, especially in Asia, but different to your Kpop idols you want to keep it away from VIKI just because you don’t like it. That is quite narrow-minded.


I’m not the one complaining for any new romance they are airing here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought you are interested in Korean culture in general that’s why I explained the gaming/eSports aspect to you since you didn’t seem to be aware of it.
I didn’t know you are only interested in Korean idols and romance dramas.

VIKI’s says this about the page:

Join the Drama Revolution!

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Fun in Any Language

Viki, a play on the words “video” and “wiki,” is the global TV site where millions of people discover, watch and subtitle global primetime shows and movies in more than 200 languages. Together with its fans, Viki removes the language and cultural barriers that stand between great entertainment and fans everywhere.

Viki is part of the Rakuten Group of companies, which includes Viber, eBates, Lyft and more, reaching a global audience of nearly 1 billion users.

They don’t say they are #1 for Asian romance shows. And depending on what’s “hot” or actually airing they show banners of crime, fantasy, martial arts, romance or talk shows…

Netflix btw had different Korean series that showed a certain kind of profession as main topic.
For Japanese anime it was not rare to have complete series about all kind of sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics…without any romance in it - just the sport related competition, including matches between different teams etc.

So it’s not a surprise newer Asian series include the gaming aspect and it would be quite strange for an Asian focused platform to show only romance related shows when different kind of genre are part of their entertainment culture as well.

Personal differences aside, I have never insulted you. And how exactly am I aggressive? I have stated that I like romance dramas. You have stated that you dislike them, preferring gaming-related ones.
It is OK to have your own preferences. It should be OK for me too. We can have a healthy debate about it. Still, it is absolutely not OK to call someone names. I have never had a bad word for you or anyone else on Viki. Even if some of my posts are critical in nature and may seem harsh, I have never targeted any one person. Your treatment of others is unfair, especially toward me.

Umm… Did I do anything to you? If so, I apologise. Also, please know that you have hurt my feelings. In the future, even if someone is “narrow-minded” and possibly worse, it is your responsibility as an enlightened person to treat them accordingly, with respect and kindness.
I do not wish to continue this conversation, so have a nice weekend.