Euri Euri Euri? The trend you didn't know about in korea

Hello fellow trenders! Either you are wondering why koreans are stretching out “euri” inside words or you will soon. (wink wink: You are all surrounded ep 14)

Believe it or not, doing just that to the most unsuspecting and innocent of words in every day langage is the new sweet spot nowadays. This pervasive habit has invaded everything from peaceful family dinner tables to studio parodies of korean politics (Infinite Challenge).

Euri, meaning loyalty and honor, is the new korean word ofthe year and don’t find yourself missing out on this rare moment of korean internet virality (PSY was NOT viral in korea).

So I posted this video, (english subs yay!) but please use this ability to appear multiculturally trend-savvy in front of friends and family responsibly. Re-euri-sponsibly.

Trying too hard will only result in geting hurt. (ouch)

Tell me what you guys think!


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Well,I think that it’s great to have some expresions that only our country have because it’s like somethiing traditional like, I don’t really know how to explain but it would make me proud if my country had some expresions like that .

I’m sure there is a unique expression for every country. Hwere are you from, though?