Everything is in the wrong language [SOLVED]

I opened an email notification from a Spanish speaking volunteer about a new channel/show in Chinese and after I clicked the link to check out the show everything on the Viki website is in Spanish. I keep going to my profile to make sure it says it’s configured for English but, the only time it shows up in English is when I use Google translate to translate the page or log out. When I log back in (after clearing my history and cache) everything is back in spanish. @anon20195650

How do I fix this?

I was able to fix it myself. I went back to the users notification email, clicked on the same link, and in the notifications bar made sure the last letters said en not es. It managed to re configure Viki for me after that.

The easiest way is to scroll down at the very bottom of the page. At the right hand corner there are two drop down menus: site language and content language. Click on the little arrow and choose English. Or whatever language one is comfortable with. Done!