Expiring Licenses, Particularly for Taiwanese Dramas

One thing I’ve always loved about subbing is to help the writers, directors, and actors tell the story for those who do not speak the language. After finishing a round of subtitles, I like to go back and rewatch the show myself, not only to enjoy the show without the pressure of having to finish the translations, but also to enjoy the show in a language that I also understand better (English).

Recently I’ve noticed that many of the licenses of the Taiwanese shows have been expiring or are already expired. While I understand that most Viki viewers are Korean drama fans, and it would make the most sense for Viki to renew licenses for shows that are heavily viewed, I also hope that Viki can consider renewing some of the classic Taiwanese dramas and also the recent well-made Taiwanese dramas. It is honestly a shame that after Viki loses the license, all the hard work of that channel is inaccessible to the rest of the Viki Community :(.

So for the TLDR; just a call to action or a subber’s hope that Viki evaluates Taiwanese dramas and renews the licenses for dramas that have appeal, possibly through an online poll. Otherwise there’s only a few Taiwanese titles viewers can see at a given time, usually the most recent dramas that Viki has acquired the license to.


Lately I’ve enjoyed the Taiwanese dramas a lot more than the K-dramas and didn’t realize they’re expiring! I’ll check my favorites. Thanks for the update.


I just checked the first Taiwanese drama I ever say and saw that the episodes had disappeared. I hadn’t noticed it before either, but I found it odd.

Do they have a system that warns you which dramas are about to expire?

You’ve seen this happen to the Taiwanese dramas you love, but I assure you that the exact same thing is happening to Korean dramas as well. Including VERY popular ones. I even heard of a case where they got the license again, and a new team had to be formed and re-do all the work. I had been told that Viki keeps old subs, but in this case it seems they didn’t. Such a shame!

I’m not too sure about this. I saw another thread that suggested this idea to Viki, but I’m not sure if this system had been implemented yet.

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Oh wow, that’s incredibly disappointing to have to start from scratch all over again. :frowning: I have seen some of my favorite korean dramas lose licenses as well. I referred to Taiwanese dramas in this post, because there were not many Taiwanese dramas on Viki to begin with, but since many of the dramas have been expiring with seemingly no plans of renewal, there are even fewer Taiwanese dramas to choose from.

Here’s to hoping that this post, as others regarding expiring licenses, gains traction, and that Viki decides to do something to renew licenses. Perhaps with a poll from the viewers, or at least some understanding of which dramas had been popular and should be renewed.

@bananabri Yes I also notice there are not as many Taiwanese drama, and some licenses are expiring,on the few we have.Not trying to give a history lesson here, but if you like Taiwanese drama why not check out Chinese drama, actually they are the exact same people ( Chinese ) that came out of China and form their own Taiwanese government and name themselves Taiwanese ( In 1949. ) They speak the same language. I love all Asian drama but my main focus is Chinese drama. But I do understand your concerns and respect it. Knowing this can happen to all Asians drama here on VIKI.

@peggyroyster_409 I definitely do watch Chinese dramas, though this post came up as I realized many of my favorite Taiwanese dramas are no longer available for viewing :frowning: . I’m glad many of the Chinese dramas are still up for viewing! As a Mandarin to English subber, taking on Chinese drama projects also helps me retain my Mandarin language speaking abilities! The most recent C-drama I’ve had the pleasure of viewing was All is Well or 都挺好! Although with the sticky politics going on in Asia as of now, perhaps its best to leave this community thread politics-free?

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Yes I agree with all that is going on we do have to try to keep the focus here on drama or a free zone. I was only pointing to the fact that if you like Taiwanese drama than Chinese drama is a follow up. I also understand and speak Mandarin dialect. Because of my busy schedule and business I don’t have the time to help with subtitles. Your help here as well as others who participate so that members can understand a language is valuable. :slight_smile:

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I noticed the same thing when I searched recently for old Taiwanese drams. I’m glad Bromance is still watchable! <3! T-dramas have a different feel and style than C-dramas. That’s why I watch both. I’m happy to see that Viki licensed “Before We Get Married”!! And hope to see more new T-dramas on Viki.